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Benefits of Cucumber: Do You Believe Everything “Green” is Good For Health

Benefits of Cucumber

You might be familiar with “how everything green is good for your health”. If you have heard this fact, then you are not alone. Typically, “everything green” which is usually naturally grown vegetables are very good for your health. That is the reason why doctors suggest eating more vegetables and even fruits to eat clean and healthier.

How about you? Do you believe everything “green” is good for your health?

Cucumber benefits

I’m pretty sure you have heard about the many benefits of cucumber for your body. If you still are not convinced, here are a few benefits this magical fruit can provide you:

  • Cucumbers are excellent sources of B vitamins
  • They are made up of 95% water and helps in keeping the body hydrated and helps in keeping the body eliminate toxins
  • Contains a good amount of vitamin C which makes it ideal for skin remedies especially acne
  • Putting cucumber slices on your puffy eyes lessens it since it contains anti-inflammatory components
  • Help stimulate hair growth
  • Cucumbers fight off certain cancers since they contain pinoresinol, secoisolariciresinol and lariciresinol. Those 3 components have a strong history of research in relation to reducing the risk of several cancers such as prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer and uterine cancer
  • Known to relieve bad breath since the phytochemicals in cucumbers can kill the bacteria in your mouth which are responsible for causing the bad breath
  • Cures hangovers. Eating a few cucumber slices before going to bed can help prevent a morning hangover and headaches after drinking too much
  • Helps in digestion and weight loss. Since it is low calorie and contains a high water content, cucumbers are ideal for those who are looking to lose weight.
  • Reduces cholesterol and controls the blood pressure. Cucumber juice contains a hormone that is needed for producing insulin with contains many advantages for those patients with diabetes.
  • Cucumbers could promote joint health and also relieve arthritis pain and gout. Since it has a good amount of silica, it is known to help out the joints by strengthening the connective tissues.

Green Juicing and its benefits

If you think cucumber is the only green vegetable that is excellent for your body well you are very wrong. Pretty much any type of green vegetable is very good for you to eat or even drink every single day. Green juicing is one of the healthiest things you include in your daily diet. If you are a major smoothie fanatic, then creating smoothies from green vegetables could help create that healthy balance in your lifestyle. It could provide you with nutrients that you need for your body to function properly, increase metabolism, reduce stress, keep your blood pressure and blood sugar within normal range, keep you away from certain medical conditions that could threaten your life as you age and many more. You could create your very own personal juice drink or smoothie by mixing together this simple formula:

  • Any type of green leafy vegetable
  • Frozen fruit
  • Favorite liquid base

Put all those ingredients in the blender and mix away. You could even add in protein powder if you feel like it. Whatever you want to add in you can because it is your own personal juice drink which will benefit you in so many ways.

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