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Benefits of Finding an Affordable Personal Trainer in NYC

personal trainer in NYC

Finding an affordable personal trainer in NYC could be the difference between whether or not you realize your long term physical fitness goals. Short term goals like losing 5 to 10 pounds, walking two to three miles a day and working out with dumbbells are goals you could achieve on your own. However, a hectic work schedule could prevent you from continuing to increase your workout levels, causing you to plateau or lose the motivation to keep going.

Why people give up

Asia One Your Health says that, “Many people, after an enthusiastic start, drop out of an exercise routine after a while. Reasons are aplenty – lack of time, injury, waning motivation and, of course, boredom.” In fact, “Research studies have shown that only about 20% of overweight or obese people are successful at long-term weight loss.”

Personal Trainer in NYC

Because exercise alone might not help you lose the weight you want to lose, working with a certified and affordable personal trainer in NYC could give you access to a nutritional plan that actually works for you. The right affordable personal trainer in NYC will take the time to get to know you. She’ll ask you about your current eating habits, including what and when you eat.

By learning your eating habits, an affordable personal trainer in NYC can find out if there are certain foods you’ve come to enjoy and desire eating more than others. Based on your body build, a personal trainer will also know whether you’ll benefit from adding strength training, rigorous walking, jogging, cycling, kickboxing or crossfit exercises to your fitness routines.

It’s this personal focus that could not only help you to stay fit over the long term, but also help you recover from eating disorders you might have developed. Concerning eating disorders, the Gladstone Observer reports that, “An individual’s eating behaviors are closely intertwined with their mental health.”

From self-esteem to confidence to regularly feeling happy, physical fitness and body size can impact your overall ability to truly enjoy life. Being physically fit also impacts your overall health and your energy levels. Let your energy levels drop too low and you won’t have the drive to participate in hobbies and other activities you love. You also might constantly feel fatigued while you’re at work or doing normal chores at home.

How to make your search easier

Finding an affordable personal trainer in NYC could seem like too lofty a goal, at first glance. However, you can make the search easier on yourself by searching for personal trainers who are listed with organizations (i.e.  that work with dozens of certified personal trainers. Some personal trainers who are listed with the organizations work at popular gyms like the David Barton Gym, Bella Vita, Gotham Gym and Elements Fitness Studio.

When looking for an affordable personal trainer through these organizations, check the real time availability of the trainers. Also, see if you can sign up for training sessions at rates that are lower than what the trainers normally charge. For example, some fitness organizations offer training sessions at rates that are 20% or more below what trainers would charge if you found them on your own.

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