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Treadmill Review – A Must Read Consumer Review of The Elite Runner Pro

elite runner pro

If you are a runner, you will love the Elite Runner Pro treadmill. The Elite Runner Pro treadmill is truly a masterpiece of dependability and quality delivered at a great value.

The experience

Running track on this treadmill is pretty impressive to say the least. The Elite Runner Pro has a huge running area of 50.5 x 140cm making it extremely spacious and allowing you to ignore the presence of the side arms that sometimes seem too close to your body (on regular treadmills). This treadmill running track has been constructed on a shock absorbent base so you can run in comfort, while minimizing the thumping noise that your feet make…you know…the same noise that annoys your neighbor downstairs? Well, with this treadmill, you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors.

The Elite Runner Pro has a huge motor that runs at a rate of up to 6.5 Horse Power (HP), which ensures that this masterpiece delivers enough speed to please even the fastest runners around. Such a solid spec also translates into a longer lasting treadmill.

The screen

elite runner pro treadmill

This large screen displays useful data for analyzing you Body Mass Index (BMI) helping you track your weight loss goals more accurately; Additionally the heart rate control and chest strap allow you to track your optimum heart rate and adjust your speed appropriately. Let’s not forget the cooling fan, which comes handy during long runs.

The type of buyer

The Elite Runner Pro treadmill is described as ‘mid-range’ and is designed for those who require a little more than what regular treadmills can offer. However, the settings allow anyone to make a good use of it, from the beginner to the avid marathon runner.

The speed and incline

With a 23 kilometer per hour maximum speed the question isn’t whether the speed options are up to the task, but rather if anyone can even reach that speed. Good luck trying to max it out! Hard-core runners will have fun trying for sure. The incline options are equally as impressive and boast a 0 – 22% auto incline capacity.

Little extras

As mentioned above, the Elite Runner Pro treadmill features a much needed cooling fan for those that go hard on the machine. It also has 99 amazing programs to challenge the high level athlete or help the beginner work their way up through the fitness ranks. These programs can also be a welcoming addition to the experience of a treadmill enthusiast and can help maintain focus on particularly grueling runs.

It also features an MP3 socket with super high quality speakers. You no longer have to find a place for your music that accidentally goes tumbling down the track every now and then.

Final words

So, in conclusion, the Branx Elite Run Pro treadmill is the perfect choice for anyone from the fitness beginner to the hard core professional trainer. Its range of options, inclines and speeds are all supported on a solid foundation of technology and design.

Branx fitness is a proud supplier of this treadmill and offers quick delivery and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee (not that you’ll need it if you purchase this particular treadmill!). Branx is considered to be a top supplier within the UK for high quality, tried and tested treadmills.

Here’s a high intensity interval training exercise you can do on an Elite Runner Pro treadmill

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