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The Easy 5-Step Formula for a Guaranteed Beach Body this Summer

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People start diets dozens of times per year because they always quit after a few days. The key to dropping fat and looking good naked doesn’t involve dropping carbs and hoping for the best. If you’re serious about making a big change in the future we can look at some things you must know if you’re to stand any chance of whipping your clothes off at the beach this summer.

It’s all in your head

When you start a diet you will want to give up within the first few days. You have to remember it’s not the lack of food that is bothering you. You could easily lose weight by reducing your calories by a few hundred each week, so why do you automatically start to feel bad when you’re on a diet? As soon as you realize every bit of negativity is down to what is going on in your head you’ll feel much better. If you can conquer your internal demons any non-extreme diet will be easy.

The cravings will go away

junk food cravingDuring the first few days you’ll feel terrible, but something magical happens when you jump over the first hurdle. Suddenly all your junk food cravings will go away and you will see a light at the end of the tunnel. There are psychological factors involved and part of the reason is because you’ll look great due to the water weight you lose at the beginning after you’ve cut out carbs. It’s much easier to grind through this difficult period when you know it won’t last long.

Know your food

The food you eat is the most important part in the equation, so you must learn everything you can about it. If you don’t know what is going in your mouth there is more chance of you giving up. The biggest benefit you’ll get from knowing your food is the ability to snack when you’re hungry without stuffing too many calories down your throat. I see lots of people messing this up and the biggest culprit is liquid calories. For example, a bowl of fruit doesn’t automatically lose its calorie content when you throw it in the smoothie maker.

A slip up is not failure

If you don’t slip up it means you’re not human. Everyone slips up eventually even if it’s just convincing yourself you deserve a cheat meal. Don’t be one of those people who decides they will start their diet again the following Monday because they couldn’t resist a cheeky chocolate bar. As soon as you fall of the horse you need to jump back on before it runs away from you. You will only suffer a tiny setback if you give in to temptation, but you will ruin everything if you get scared and give up.

Treat yourself often

Don’t jump the gun because I’m not actually talking about food. If you decide to gorge on chocolate it will be your downfall. I’m talking about treating yourself to nice things like books and clothes. It’s the best way to stick to a diet because the thrill of spending money is almost as wonderful as satisfying your food cravings. It will also be a lot easier to afford those treats because you won’t be spending as much money on food and alcohol every week.

Are you ready to go?

The hardest part isn’t getting started. Getting started is easy and it can happen right now. The tricky part is staying strong for the next few days until your body adapts to the change. Don’t let all those other people have fun at the beach this year while you hide under your towel.

About the authorKaren Fernandes, is a fitness enthusiast who often writes on topics related to health and wellness online. She is associated with SpaRite, a company dealing in a range of swim spas. She enjoys dancing and working out in her free time. You can follow her on Twitter for more information.

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