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Forget the Stuffy Rooms and Absorb Nature to Get Fit

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The lush green grass, cool breeze, chirping of the birds can add an element of joy to workout regimes. If you want to bid adieu to the machines in your home gym, then jogging in the green tracks, swimming, biking or exercising in the open air can be a good option for you. Irrespective of the workout regime that you want follow, or the place that you choose for these exercises, it is important to maintain the safety. A personal trainer can be of great help to you in this regard. Prior to initiate the fitness regime, it is advisable to familiarize with the place. You need not require too much equipment to work out in the open air, a pair of running shoes, a bottle of water and band that resists light is all that you need.

Precautions to be taken

Before initiating the process set a goal and follow the path slowly to achieve the desired fitness level. The best thing about working outside is that irrespective of your fitness level, you can adapt to it. However, there are few points that you need to remember, while starting the exercise schedule. It is wise to start exercising in the morning, because then the temperature is low, air is clean and most importantly, energy level is high during the morning. Avoid exercising outside, when the temperature is either too hot or too cold. Sun rays are good, but do not let yourself be burned with it. You can wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen while exercising outside. Hydrate your body sufficiently for the workout session.

Advantages of working out

Gamut of advantages is attached to working out outside. You can take advantage of the  diverse features of the nature and stay fit, for instance, running in the green grass, or stretches on the grass, or pushups with the aid of benches in the park makes your exercise session enthralling. Unlike the fitness centers, no membership fee is levied on the participants. Whenever you feel like working out, you can go out start your regime. The air outside is fresh and according to the governmental agencies, it is safe then the controlled weather of the centers. Sunlight is the free source of Vitamin D. With outdoor exercises, you can soak in the vitamin. This is beneficial especially for individuals who are trying to shed off few pounds.

Utilize the nature

Like other forms of exercise regime, working outside also needs to be initiated with warm up. Five to ten minutes of fast walking and stretches are good to start with. If you are exercising in a park, then you can choose a bench and indulge in different types of strength training.  Dips, set-ups and incline-pushups, are few common exercises that you can do alone. You need not carry your exercise mat for this. The bench serves as the only equipment. If you have a companion for these workouts, then you can also try out wheelbarrow pushups. Having a partner also adds fun to the regime. Resistance training can be best with a companion around. If you are alone, then tie the resistance band to the nearest tree and start the exercises.

Include your family

You can break up your schedule into different intervals as cardio, strength and other sets suggested by your trainer. Jogging back home is a good idea. Start with your original pace and as you approach your home, you can reduce the pace. It is good to end the exercise session for the day with a cooling down session. Stretches are ideal for this. When in nature utilize the best of nature to keep you healthy and fit. You can make working in the outside an important part of your lifestyle. You can even plan these activities with your family.

Author Bio: Jennifer Brown is a personal trainer. She has often assisted her clients in outdoor exercises. Through her blog, she has explained the benefits of working in the nature. She also recommends RJ Fitness in Chelsea to seek assistance in this regard.

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