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Why You Should Get Vaccinated

getting vaccinated

Getting Vaccinated

Vaccination is the act of getting vaccinated. Vaccination is a topic that relates to everyone, especially people with young children. Getting vaccinated helps to protect you from viral infections and illnesses before you are exposed. Diseases, viruses, illnesses can be easily prevented and controlled by getting vaccinated. Failing to get vaccinated can lead to epidemics in the blink of an eye. Let’s think about it for a second: we come in contact with so many people without realizing it. We graze past people in the street, or while waiting in line for the bathroom, in the grocery store aisle, or whatever the case may be. If you sat down and really think about it, you could probably realize you came in contact with about 10 times more people than you originally thought.

Children and Vaccination

Children get vaccinated at different ages depending on the vaccine and the law. In the US, and some other parts of the world, children are required to get vaccinated as a prerequisite to attend school. For example: if a parent decides NOT to vaccine their 4 year old against the measles and that child in infected, his or her immune system may combat the virus on its own. Meanwhile, that child may have come in contact with other children who were too young to be vaccinated (under a year old for instance) and infect those younger children unknowingly. Those children that were too young to be vaccinated could easily die from the measles.

Vaccination Protects Everyone

Vaccinating yourself and/or your children is a choice you make that not only affects yourself and your own child but also other people’s children. What if your child was exposed to a deadly virus because someone else decided not to vaccinate their child? Some people may argue that unnatural chemicals are against their religious beliefs and such, but making the choice to not get vaccinated is not about chemicals or allowing unnatural things in your body. It is about protecting you and others from an epidemic that could easily happen and end precious lives.

Let’s Put our Beliefs Aside

Now for those who do not want to endorse or support pharmaceutical companies, remember that it is a vaccine and you may not even have to pay for it. If you do not want to buy pills and prescriptions (which is where pharmaceutical companies make their major most of their money – i.e: through doctors), go right ahead. But when it comes to something as important as a vaccine (which as we highlighted) affects your life and the lives of others, do not be selfish, swallow your pride and get vaccinated.

Vaccination is Pretty Safe

Many people do not care about the cost and companies behind the vaccines but more about the vaccines’ side effects. A small amount of people do react negatively to vaccines so by law companies have to disclose all possible side effects. However, the vast majority of people you will come across, have been vaccinated and are just fine. If you are still worried and want the ins and outs of all the vaccines you can check it all out at www.vaccines.gov. This site lays it all out from A-Z and everything in and around vaccines.

Final Considerations

Do your research if you like, have your opinion; but you and your family should definitely get vaccinated if you are looking to live a long, healthy and prosperous life. Do not put others at risk over your choice, even if you believe that it is not your problem. If an epidemic starts and spreads, it can come knocking on your door, then it is definitely your problem too.

About the author: Catriona McBain is a blog writer at www.RejuveHealthClinics.com, Orlando’s premier testosterone replacement therapy center.

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