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Healthy Breakfast Alternatives to Start the Day Right

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In this day and age, people are really busy because they have goals and dreams that they want to achieve in life. Some want worldly riches, some are chasing their dream careers while some want to start and focus on their own families because everyone is striving for security, comfort and relative happiness in life. But because of their tight schedules and busy lives, people are neglecting and compromising their health in the process. They feel that they don’t have the time to exercise and since they are like bees buzzing from one place to another, junk food and unhealthy snacks become a staple part of their diet.

People need some physical activity and they need to start their day right by eating a nutritious breakfast so that they can maximize their energy and accomplish as much as they can every single day.

And so instead of scarfing down burgers or gorging on sweet snacks and candy bars that are loaded with bad cholesterol and unwanted calories, here are some healthy breakfast alternatives that can give people the extra boost and energy that they need to last the day.


They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away and there is some truth to this hyperbole because fruits are loaded with vitamins and minerals. The immune system of people should be strong all the time so that they can avoid various diseases and sickness. They need to stay fit and healthy all the time to reach their goals in life and the only way to do that is to avoid getting sick with different afflictions and illnesses. And eating all kinds of fruits as well as drinking natural fruit juices is just what the doctor ordered.


A lot of vegans from around the world swear that their flexibility, balance and energy improved once they avoided animal products all together. While this is still up for debate and scientific verification, it is no secret that vegetables are good for you. There are lots of recipes out there for salads that are easy to make without consuming too much time and energy. People can make and eat some salad or vegetable sandwiches before leaving the house and the energy they receive can last until lunch time or their mid-morning snack.


If they are really pressed for time in the morning because a lot of people get up really late and cranky, they can cook some soup with meat and vegetables the night before. And when the sun comes up , they can just reheat the soup over the stove or in the microwave so that they can enjoy some healthy broth unlike the instant noodles in convenience stores that are tainted with preservatives and mono-sodium glutamate.


Admittedly, people still can’t eat it by the truckload for obvious reason but different nuts have different health benefits. Nuts are good for the heart because they lower bad cholesterol and some are excellent sources of protein as well. But people should check with their doctors or dietitians to rule out allergies because this can mean the difference between life and death. And they should also avoid processed nuts that are too greasy and salty because they can do more damage than good in the long run.

Trail Mix and Health Bars

If they are running really late and they just don’t have the time to eat a full and nutritious breakfast, people should still never run on empty. This is where trail mix and health bars come in because this special combination of different energy food like nuts, pieces of low-fat chocolate and dried fruit can give them the added boost that they need. Downing a cup of coffee can also awaken their body and their senses and studies show that drinking coffee can also lower the chances of Alzheimer’s diseases creeping in with old age.

Nothing can substitute for a full and healthy breakfast but if they are really pressed for time because of their busy schedules, these alternatives can give them the fuel and energy that they need to start the day right and focus on their tasks at hand.

About the Author: Madison Fields loves to collect and read books because they help her relax, unwind and forget her worries even for just a little while. She also loves to work out with her friends to keep in excellent shape all the time. When she is not busy writing the best essays for school so that she can make her parents and teachers proud, she also jogs every morning and attend yoga classes in the afternoon.

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