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Learn How to Use Olive Oil to Achieve a Flawless Skin

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Eat The Oil

Olive oil is abundantly blessed with omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E, both of which are excellent for your skin and health. While it certainly helps in preventing diseases  like imbalanced blood pressure, bad cholesterol and diabetes, olive oil also aids excellently in fighting ageing effects and releasing stress , which in turn makes you look happy, relaxed and beautiful, not to mention the glow it gives on your skin!

Massage Your Body & Face

Body massages are especially effective for improving the blood circulation of the body. And if you use olive oil, especially the extra virgin olive oil, your body cells not only get a healthy workout, but it also permeates into the pores of your skin and softens it. You could massage your entire body and face with olive oil and for the magically glowing and sultry skin, manage to take some steam on your face and if possible the entire body. This exercise could be done once a week, especially before going to bed to get you glowing like never before. However, be very careful while massaging your face as the strokes need to be very gentle as compared to the strokes you give to your body.

Wonderful Under Eye Pack

You are simply tired of watching the same puffy and weary eyes with dark shades and fine lines on your under eye skin. And chances are, that you have tried all kinds of under eye gels that are available in the market but you simply cannot get a hang of any permanent cure for your gentle under eye skin. Some treatments do make the dark circles and eye bags vanish, but then a certain kind of dryness takes over the eye region making you look aged. For attaining the perfectly fresh look, fall back on the magical oil from the olives. Take one tablespoon olive oil, warm it a little (not too much though) and mix some honey and few drops of orange or beetroot juice into it. Dab generously under your eyes and also your eye lids and leave it for 10 minutes. Wash off with cool water and do not use soap. For best results, do it before going to bed at night.

Effective Body Scrub

Exfoliation is an inevitable part of the skin care regimen. And the artificial scrubs which have magnetic aromas and flashy packaging might not always suit our skins. So then how to exfoliate? Well we all have sea salts at home, just take I tea spoon of sea salt, I tea spoon of granulated sugar and mix this with 2 table spoons of olive oil. Mix it well and apply this natural scrub gently on your entire body. Rub gently in circular motion for five minutes. Then rinse off. You will be surprised at the baby soft skin and the healthy polish your body shows, which would make everyone wonder the secret behind it!

A Boon to Your Nails

Having trouble with brittle and chipped nails, with dry and flaky skin around it? Have you had enough of the painful and unmanageable cuticles and are having sore fingers which hinder your work? Well, you have got the perfect fix right here. Warm olive oil in a wide vessel and dip your nails into that for about 20 minutes. Wash off with plain water and pat dry your nails. Be careful not to rub off the extra oil with the towel. Also, make sure you do not do any kind of cleaning, washing or any other work which involves water and soap. Wear soft gloves on your hand after drying them. Do this cure regularly after you have wrapped up all of your work and go to sleep. Your nails and skin around it will start improving in no more than three days. Also, olive oil would make your nails grow much stronger.

Comforting Warm Baths

If you are the one who is constantly troubled by sleepless nights and it is your skin which is putting up with the repercussions of that then it is time you do something about it. Apart from eating less sugary foods and exercising, you can cure this problem by adding 2 tablespoons of olive oil into warm water and taking bath from this oily water. Make sure you are taking a head bath from this kind of water and you will instantly notice an improvement in your sleep quality. On top of that, you would wake up to a healthy, smooth and happy skin in the morning.

Brightening Face Mask

For skin tightening as well as brightening, olive oil could be mixed with one full egg, one tea spoon of milk powder, lemon and honey. Apply this face mask on your face and neck. Let it dry and wash off with warm water. Also, splash your face with cool water after you have rinsed off the face pack thoroughly with warm water. You can do this treatment just before you go out for an evening event as this will give you instant glow and beauty.

Author Bio: Alex George is an online strategist for Removeskintags and in his free time he likes to research on various methods to enhance skin care & beauty.

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