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How to Lower your Risk of a Stroke

lower risk of stroke

The Facts

According to the NHS, there are nearly 150,000 strokes in the United Kingdom every year. These strokes cause everything from mild disabilities to death. There are well over a million people living with stroke in the United Kingdom with varying levels of impairment.

How to Lower Your Risk

The good news is that there are ways that a person could lower his or her risk of stroke, though it’s important that you partner with a doctor who can help you. This help can come in the form of regular check-ups to make sure that all is well, to the prescribing of medications that can further cut down on your risk. Your doctor can also refer you to specialists in the areas of diet and nutrition that can also help you lower your risk. Here are some things you can do:

Don’t Smoke

Among the other types of damage that smoking can do, one of them is to increase your risk of stroke. Smoking increases the levels of LDL, or bad cholesterol while lowering the levels of HDL, or good cholesterol. This causes fats to be deposited on the walls of the arteries. Smoking also raises the levels of fibrinogen, which causes blood clots in the arteries. The good news here is that even if you’ve been smoking for a long time, quitting can lower your risk of stroke.

Lower High Levels of the “Bad” Cholesterol

LDL cholesterol, also known as “bad’ cholesterol, can clog arteries, which can lead to stroke. Exercise and committing to a diet low in cholesterol can also help lower your risk of stroke. A low cholesterol diet includes foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids like cold water fish like salmon, herring, tuna and mackerel. It also includes foods that are high in fiber as well as green leafy vegetables, whole grains and fruit.

Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle means you do not exercise as much as you should. Even gentle exercise like walking a few minutes every day can help reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease that can lead to a stroke.

Avoid Heavy Alcohol Usage

Medical experts have found that a good number of heavy drinkers have heart disease, another risk factor for having a stroke. This is because heavy alcohol usage can scar the coronary arteries. Heavy alcohol usage can also cause irregular heartbeat, which is also a risk factor for stroke.

Avoid Illegal Drug Use

Illegal drug use like smoking, can cause a variety of health complications such as stroke. For example, some cocaine users suffer strokes because the drug itself causes their blood pressure to spike to the point where weak blood vessels in the brain burst. The same is true of amphetamines.

There are several other resources online which can help you find out more information on strokes and and how to prevent them both online and from your local physician’s office so take the time and learn more.

About the author: Michael Smith is a keen blogger who has helped various people through health issues online.

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