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What it Means to Have a Good Cardio Workout

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Staying fit and healthy, and getting or maintaining the body you want takes dedication, persistence and patience. One essential way to achieve all of these goals is to get a good old fashioned sweaty workout. When you do something that makes you sweat profusely, burn the fat, get your heart pumping, and make you breathe heavy (all in moderation), you know you’re doing it right.

In the world of gyms, fitness, health and athletics, one constant and very important form of workout is cardio. It’s always present most forms of exercise regimen. Cardio workout is as important to the success of your workout as medicine is integral to healing.

Defining Cardio Workout

What is a cardio workout? A cardiovascular “cardio” workout, otherwise known as an aerobic exercise is basically any exercise that raises one’s heartbeat, pumping an increased supply of oxygen into the body. Cardio workouts are usually light to moderate in intensity. They don’t require much force to be exerted into the exercise.

Benefits of a Cardio Workout

Whether the purpose of your workout is to keep a fit and healthy body or lose weight, cardio workouts will get you where you want to go. One of the biggest benefits of a good cardio workout is that it can be done by practically anybody. This means that even people with disabilities, ailments or injuries can do cardio workouts. In fact they’re actually highly recommended by physicians and physical therapists alike. Cardio exercises increase your heart rate, making it stronger. That’s a good thing for people with heart ailments.

Moreover, aerobic exercises escalate a person’s heart rate in a very short amount of time. Meaning, in just seconds after you started your workout, you’d already be sweating profusely and your heart is going to pump like crazy. These are all signs that your body’s burning calories and releasing toxins. Cardio workouts are great for people on the constant go. They’re time efficient workouts that don’t really require you to exert too much effort.

Cardio workouts are also very convenient. They can be done anywhere. However, if you’re a beginner or someone who hesitates to do the workouts by their lonesome, why not do your cardio exercises in the fitness gym where you will have the assistance of professionals?

Forms of Cardio Workouts

Cardio workouts are truly wonders for the fitness and health conscious individuals. These workouts can be done in any form and way; but there are some that give more optimal results.


You might be surprised by how many calories you can burn with a half-hour’s worth of good run. You can do your run outdoors with a scenic view of nature, or you can do it on a treadmill. They practically have no difference.


When you do cycling exercises, you’re not just burning calories, you’re also building muscle endurance, especially of your leg muscles. Again you can cycle outdoors or do it on a stationary bike.


What’s great about swimming as a cardio workout is that it works every single part of the body. Meaning, while you’re losing weight, you’re also toning your muscles and building stamina and endurance. It’s an all-in-one package.

Use of an Elliptical

An Elliptical machine is a usual fixture in any gym, much like a treadmill. Also same as the treadmill, the Elliptical is an excellent cardio machine. The latter’s (Elliptical) advantage over the former is that it does not create too much impact on muscle joints. This is very ideal for old or injured individuals who’ll probably get injured if they use the treadmill.

About the Author: The Park Club a family owned gym in Chiswick promote cardio workouts as part of a healthy and active lifestyle.

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