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Review of Discovery Learning: Personal Training Courses (London)

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Discovery Learning are a UK based company that specializes in providing personal trainer courses and other fitness industry vocational qualifications.

Local Academies

Much of Discovery’s success as a fitness course provider is owed to the decentralization of their course assessment infrastructure from a large, national headquarters to multiple smaller, local academies.

This is their most successful local academy: the Discovery facility in south-west London.

Basically, they don’t carry out people’s final exams in one big building in the middle of England anymore; they carry them out at rented gyms all over England and Wales in the largest cities. This has benefit for Discovery, their students, and the local areas in which the academies are based.

Benefit to Company and Students

The benefit for Discovery is two-fold: firstly, they reach a wider range of clients, as people would much rather do their training with a company who lets them sit their assessments locally than one who makes them travel across the country to a central location. Secondly, the cost of renting out space in several gyms around the country is far less than the overhead costs of operating a central training complex.

The benefit for their students is the obvious one: they don’t have to spend a lot of time and money travelling long distances in order to sit their final assessments and complete their courses.

Benefit to Local Areas

The benefit for the local areas is where it gets really interesting…

Discovery is very committed to incorporating knowledge about nutrition and weight management into their personal trainer courses. Their personal trainers are able to do far more for clients than just go jogging through parks with them. They can devise diet programs to help people lose weight, and even provide advice to families with obese children.

People who come out of their local personal trainer courses training centers are very well equipped to help the populations of those local areas with weight management issues that affect community health. One individual who graduated from the Discovery academy in Manchester, for example, now uses his knowledge and expertise to run a program that works with a number of local secondary schools to make sure the school lunches provided to the children contain the proper nutritional value.

Discovery’s local training facilities are in the largest cities of the UK, and the largest cities of the UK are generally the places that bear the brunt of the growing childhood obesity crisis in Britain. It is therefore of great benefit to these cities that organizations in the private sector equip local fitness students with knowledge of child weight management and general nutrition.

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