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Skin Care Guide for the Avid Circuit Trainer

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We are all aware about how beneficial exercising is to our mind and body. After a few hours of working out, it leaves us feeling more energized and refreshed. However, people should be well aware that exercising or working out can also has some beneficial impacts on our skin. This is because when you exercise, you will be able to release toxins from body, clearing out any blocked pores. However, not taking good of your skin prior to and after working out will lead to unfavorable results. A failure to properly care for your skin can lead to disastrous results. This is the very reason you must prioritize skin care before, during and after a workout.

Here are some tips on how you can maintain healthy skin after some intense circuit training session at the gym.

Remove any make up residue

We all know that wearing make up to work is necessary however this should be removed prior to working out. Before putting on your training shoes, it is best that you wash your face first in order to get rid of any make up residue on your face. These residues will block your pores, preventing you from fully experiencing the full skin benefits of exercising. Do not just use make up removing wipes. You must wash your face and use a non-drying mild facial cleanser. In addition to that, apply some alcohol-free toner and use some light lotion for your face. If you will be exercising outdoors, then applying a moisturizer with SPF is highly recommended.


After working out, your skin loses water due to evaporation. Because of this, it gets dehydrated. A dry skin will lead to increased surface line and it might even promote dead skin cell build up. Eventually, your pores will be clogged. After exercising and taking a bath, it is highly recommended that you make use of lightweight moisturizer like the one that DDF Skin Care has. By doing so, you will get to retain water in your skin.

Hands off

When working out, it is best that you avoid touching your skin as much as you possibly can. Machines in gyms are full of bacteria. When your hand comes in contact with your face during a workout, you will be introducing bacteria. This can result in new acne breakouts; it might also aggravate existing breakouts.

Avoid headbands or bandanas

A lot of people in circuit training use bandana or headbands in order to keep their hair in place. While this is doing a good job in keeping hair away from your face, this will also become the cause of build up of sweat or perspiration in your pores, ultimately, this will lead to breakouts.

By applying good skin care before, during and after a workout, you are rest assured that you will be able to experience the amazing skin care benefits of exercising.

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