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What Things Dietitians Should Record for Their Dietetic CPD

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Coordinated Program in Dietetics

A dietitian uses the science of nutrition to design eating programs for patients in order to treat certain medical conditions. Quite often it is a bit of a mystery as to what dietitians should be recording for their Coordinated Program in Dietetics (known as CPD). For those who are not familiar with CPD, the Coordinated Program in Dietetics is a generalist dietetics program that focuses on community wellness. The CPD gets the students ready for professional practice and allows graduate students to be eligible to take an exam in order to become either licensed dietitians or registered dietitians. This article highlights some recommendations from the Bristish Dietetic Association and the Health Professions Council which should give you a better idea of what to include in your profile log.

Influencing the way you practice for the better?

The first thing that the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) is particularly keen on is for your CPD activities to directly influence the way you practice for the better. There is a heavy slant on demonstrating that your have a varied and rich CPD profile as a dietitian and that this represents a good mix of courses, seminars and in-house training.

Benefitting patient?

The HCPC also want to see how this mixture of activities has benefited the service user – i.e. the patient receiving the treatment regimen or meal plan. They are also looking to see how these activities will contribute to the greater good. For example, things to include might be your delivering of ward based education and training sessions for ward based staff and teaching to other Allied Health professionals (AHPs) and medical students within your Trust.

Role specific?

The HCPC will also be looking to see if your CPD is role specific. What they mean by this is that it is appropriate to your grade – As a band 5 dietitian, your role may involve both acute in-patient and out-patient clinics for a variety of clinical conditions. These probably require you to consult with a range of health professionals including all levels of the medical team, catering team and other Allied Health Professionals. What they are not looking for, are activities beyond your scope of responsibility.

Final considerations

If you are more senior dietitian, some things you may wish to consider adding to your CPD profile in addition to the above may be your upward appraisal forms, KSF tables and your departments objectives review.

One of the most convenient ways to record this information is through the online system at http://www.cpd-online.com/content/dietitian-cpd-professional-development

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