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Tips and Tricks to Help your Cat Lose Weight

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Excess weight comes with a number of disadvantages, both aesthetic and health-related. First, belly fat looks bad and prevents one from moving easily. Second, high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol and increased risk of diabetes and stroke are caused by excess weight.

The amount of weight puts too much pressure on the joints and can lead to inflammations. So here you are with lots of reasons to get off excess weight and get fit. But did you know all these even apply to your favorite pets like cats and dogs? In fact, an indoor cat is twice more prone to gaining excessive weight than a human due to lack of exercise.

Cats are predators by nature and their body is built for speed and climbing, none of which is available to do in a house. If you and your loved one live in a small flat, things are even worse. Nurtured cats tend to gain weight quicker than non-nurtured cats and they even lose their interest in exercising.

How can I help my cat lose weight?

exercise your cat

Diet is one way to help your cat shed all the extra pounds but it will have to follow a strict exercise regime. Here are six exercises you can try with your cat; a secret recipe for your cat to lose weight.

Go vertical

A small flat usually doesn’t offer enough space to exercise, not even for a cat, so go vertical! Make the most out of the scratching post and the favorite toy of your cat and make her climb the post and go back down. Up and down, until you both get tired. To make your lazy cat climb, use a stick with a feather toy attached to it by a string, elastic ones are best. To make it irresistible for the cat, dip the toy in some catnip powder.

Round and round goes the cat

Small children chase themselves around household items and they are great to mimic. Make your cat chase its toys around the kitchen island. Exercise with her by running in front of your cat while holding the laser toy or other feather-shoelaces toys.

Buy a tech-toy

Tech is a smart invention and can help your cat lose weight and have fun. Buy a round circuit which has a mouse-like small toy running along all the time. Your cat will entertain itself for endless hours and will almost forget to eat its food.

Exercise together

There are many exercises that you can do along with your pet. Ever heard of “Doga”? It’s the combination of Yoga and dogs. By the same principle, there is “Coga”, “Picates” (Pilates with your cat) and custom-made “my-cat-and-I” exercises. Just get on your mat with your cat and be creative. You will both love the time spent together.

Cats are night creatures, so they are at their peak of energy level late in the night and when they wakeup early in the morning. Take advantage of this and play with them during these moments. If you are a morning person, enjoy a run along the table with your cat; if you go to bed late, first play with your cat. An exercised cat is a happy cat. Play with your cat daily and help her consume its energy, no matter what her age or weight is. You will bond together and have some priceless quality time. If you have many cats and other family members, play together.

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