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Working Out While Dealing With Psoriasis

EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE has an excuse for staying out of the gym! But sometimes, an excuse may stem from an unfortunate source – i.e. a medical or skin condition.  And though one’s excuse might be completely valid in the situation, exercise might actually be the solution for tackling the condition.

Studies show that working out when diagnosed with a skin condition like psoriasis can help with your recovery and healing.  For a lot of people this means having to deal with an irritating skin problem coupled with perhaps a low self-esteem given your recent skin issue.  The good news is that working out can achieve two big goals: (i) a healthier lifestyle and (ii) a renewed confidence.  How?  Read below to learn more.

1. Start off By Taking it Slow

For those of you who don’t regularly work out or have been out of the gym for a considerable amount of time, starting slow is key.  Any professional trainer will tell you that by setting realistic fitness goals early on, you can work your way up to success; you just gotta be patient!  For a psoriasis patient, walking could be the slow start you need to get things rolling.  As you begin to regain your fitness, start running.  You can build stamina by alternating your running and walking minutes on the treadmill.  Walk for a minute, run for a minute, and so on until you are able to run for longer periods.

2. Indoor workouts – to avoid exposure to the harmful sun rays

exercising with psoriasis

The most important thing to remember is that a sedentary lifestyle is a big No-No.  And often people think that a real workout is one that is either outdoors or at the gym.  But this is far from the truth.  There are many workouts that you can do indoors and often require little to no gym equipment.  The most important facet to this form of workout is recognizing that by replacing a sedentary lifestyle with movement, you have won half the battle.  This may include walking during lunch breaks with some of your colleagues or actively participating in household work.  Every little movement aids to your overall fitness.  Of course, an indoor workout should be well focused and well intentioned.  All you need is a sturdy dumbbell or kettle bell.  Check out Kodjo’s kettle bell workout here or our favorite one dumbbell workout from Women’s Health here.

…….….And finally, dress to impress.  Protect yourself from sweat and other exposure that might aggravate your existing condition.  Full sleeve ‘dry fit’ shirts might be the answer!

Author Bio: Amy Rhodes is a fitness junkie who loves finding exercise shortcuts.  Trust her when she says, she has thought of every excuse in the book but somehow is still able to motivate herself to hit the gym every day.  In her spare time, she writes blog posts on a variety of topics including fitness, health, and nutrition.  She currently writes for Tinefcone.

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