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Yawning: What it Means to You

what causes yawning

What Causes Yawning?

Yawning is one of the most natural behaviors that are found not only in humans but also in many animals. This is commonly referred to as a calming signal, though it is actually a reflexive behavior as it is caused as a response to something else that happens in your body or mind or both. Many studies have found that yawning is a result of tiredness, a stressful condition or due to plain boredom. It can be seen that you most often yawn when you have just got up from sleep and your body needs more energy to start your day. For this, it needs more oxygen to fire up your energy building mechanism and till your body gets the required level of oxygen, you will yawn so much before you get out of the sleepy mood.

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Another Cause of Yawning

Another reason for yawning arises due to the presence of conflicting behaviors internally, such as the necessity for your body and mind to undergo two alternative or conflicting behavior patterns at the same time. Some of the most common of these situations will be when

  • Your body wants to sleep but  you want to stay up
  • You have to handle a situation that is causing stress to your body and still your mind has not found the right strategy
  • You want to get up from bed and go out to enjoy the day but your body wants to lie on the bed
  • Your mind orders you to keep walking or jogging while your body needs more oxygen and wants to stop
  • Your mind wants to pay attention to something that is boring while your body wants to do something else that is more interesting

Yawning is a Cry for Help

Yawning is the most common signal that your body is running low on energy and you have to immediately do something to boost the energy reservoirs in your body. This may either doing something more interesting and fascinating so that the mind is able to add more to the available energy flow or concentrating on something else that needs lesser amounts of energy to accomplish.

Is Yawning Contagious?

Yet another interesting fact about this is that yawning is contagious. Contagious in the real terms needs some physical contact between persons to spread virus. But, yawning gets contagious without any apparent contact between persons and it seems to be very natural to show a contagious behavior, as far as yawning is concerned. However enthusiastic you may look while entering your office, the moment you are greeted by a yawning colleague you also begin yawning for no apparent reason.

As a holistic view that surrounds the mysteries and behavior patterns of yawning, the most basic thing that remains are, that they are a signal of your body to tackle a stressful situation or you are caught in a cloud of boredom. You would have noticed that you tend to yawn more when you are apparently sleepy, tired and feel listless.  At all these times, pause for a moment, hear what your body says, and give it what it is needed, so that you are able to go through the day with the required level of energy and accomplish more.

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