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10 Weird Health Facts about The Human Body

1. Tongue Print

tongue print

You think your fingerprint is the only thing that can identify your individualism? Think again: next time you stick your tongue out, realize that similar to fingerprints, your tongue also has a unique print!

2. Shedding

skin shedding

You hate that your pet sheds? Well, animals are not the only one; believe it or not, the human body sheds about 600 thousand particles of skin per hour! That equates to 1.5lbs of skin every year or 105lbs of skin that our body would have shed by the time we turn 70 years old.

3. Bone (Adults vs Babies)

number of bones

You may have more knowledge than a baby but did you know that contrary to knowledge your bone count decreases as you age? Yes, as a baby you start off with 350 bones in your body. By the time you reach adulthood, you are left with only 206!

4. Stomach lining

stomach lining

Weird health fact we’re sure you didn’t know until now. Every three or four days, your stomach lining regenerates. This is your body’s smart mechanism that prevents your digestive acids to digest your stomach along with the food you eat.

5. Your nose

sense of smell

We may not realize how capable our sense of smell is but the human nose can remember up to 50 thousand different scents.

6. Bacteria

bacteria on the skin

If our eyes were microscope this one will freak us out. Each square inch of the human skin on the body is covered with approximately 32 million bacteria! Luckily for us, the majority of those bacteria are not harmful.

7. Foot smell

foot sweat

Next time your foot smells, blame the sweat that comes out of it; and boy does it produce a LOT of sweat. It’s been noted that the human foot can sweat up to half a liter of sweat a day!

8. Atchoum!


Cars are not the only things that can travel 100 miles per hour. Something closer to you can do that! Yes, the speed of your sneeze can reach more than 100 miles per hour! So next time you sneeze, remember to cover your mouth with all those germs that gush out

9. Blood

blood vessels

Now this one is hard to imagine but the blood in our body travels about 60 thousand miles around our body! That’s how long our blood vessels are if they were to be laid end to end! To top it off, our heart pumps about 2 thousand gallons of blood daily!! Another reason to exercise often to strengthen your heart.

10. Saliva


The last weird health fact about our human body? Well, the thought of this one might actually be disgusting but to paint a picture of how much saliva we generate, if you were to spit your saliva each time it comes up, you would have saved up 6,250 gallons of it, or nearly 24,000 liters; enough to fill out two swimming pools

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