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6 Common Foot Issues to Watch For

From walking around all day to being shoved into tight shoes, your feet take a lot of damage. Sometimes your foot can even develop growths or other issues that may be painful. Here are some of the most common foot issues you may see if you aren’t careful with your feet.


bunionA bunion is a fairly large, bony growth near the big toe on the side of the foot. This growth often causes the big toe to turn inward which crowds all of the other toes.  One of the main causes of bunions is wearing shoes that are too tight or that have pointed toes. It can also be caused by injury, genetics, or arthritis.

Bunions are usually quite painful and the best way to treat them is to wear shoes that are comfortable and provide plenty of room for the toes. If the problem is serious, surgery may be required.

Calluses and Corns

callusesCalluses and corns are areas of the skin that become hard and thick. The difference between the two is that a corn is found on the toe and a callus is found somewhere else on the foot. These two issues are generally caused by irritation or rubbing over a boney structure of the foot.

The best way to treat corns and calluses is to wear some mole skin over the area until it can heal. It also may be a good idea to get some shoes that don’t rub the feet.

Plantar Fasciitis

plantar fasciitisThe plantar fascia is a ligament that connects the toes to the heel bone and supports the arch in the foot. Straining this ligament can cause it to become swollen, weak, and irritated. This causes pain in the bottom of the foot and heel.

There are several different treatments for plantar fasciitis. Some of these include:

  • Resting the feet
  • Putting ice on the heel
  • Doing toe, calf, and towel stretches
  • Getting new shoes


neuromaWhen a nerve in the foot swells up and becomes irritated, it is called a neuroma. If the nerve continues to be irritated, it can become very thick and cause even more irritation. The ball of the foot is generally where the pain is felt from this problem.

Neuroma is usually treatable with some simple solutions including:

  • Resting the foot
  • Getting shoes that fit better
  • Taking anti-inflammation medication
  • Using an ice pack

Athlete’s Foot

athletes footThis skin condition can not only affect athletes, but everyone else as well. Often located on the bottom of the feet or between the toes, this problem is caused by fungus. Some of the most common symptoms include itchiness, redness, peeling skin, or small fluid-filled bumps.

Athlete’s foot is best treated with oral or topical anti-fungal medications. This can slow down the growth or kill the fungus.

Plantar Warts

plantar wartsA virus is what causes plantar warts to appear. These warts can occur anywhere on the foot or toes and may be painful depending on the location. Sometimes layers of skin build up over the wart and it is mistaken for a callus.

As far as treatment goes, the first thing to try is using salicylic acid which is an over-the-counter product. If needed, surgery may have to be performed to remove it.

If you are taking care of your feet, many of these issues should not be a problem. Although, if you do happen to experience a problem, do not be alarmed. The majority of them are treatable with some simple home remedies.

About the author: Please feel free to contact Ella Gray at ella.l.gray@gmail.com with any questions or concerns that you may have.

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