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Dance Workouts: It’s All in The Hips

SweatVac Performance Wear knows that exercise makes up an important part of overall health and wellness. In many ways, it doesn’t matter what you do during your workout session as long as you get off the couch and move. When you get your heart pumping, you do an enormous amount of good for your body. For many people who find treadmills, stair climbers and stationary bikes boring, a dance workout inserts an element of fun into getting fit. 

As with any fitness routine, however, you need variety to get the best overall results. Dance workouts come in many shapes and forms and train different parts of your body. After looking closely at this dance workout study by ACE Fitness, Sweatvac decided to consider different types of dances that help train your body. So here are 4 types of dance workouts that help you get in shape

Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is a poplar dance workout, especially for women. It focuses on the core and helps to strengthen your abs and lats. As a result, people who practice belly dancing can shape some fat off their mid section without necessarily losing much weight elsewhere. It takes time to learn belly dancing techniques and though experienced belly dancers can easily get a good cardio workout, beginners might need to incorporate other cardio activities in their workout regimen in order to see any visible signs of progress.

belly dancing

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing comes in different shapes and represents an excellent form of full body workout as it focuses primarily on proper posture. Ballroom dancing helps strengthen your arms and upper body, but you might want to make sure your core is in shape before you starts to do any partner lifts. Ballroom-inspired aerobic dance classes at gyms and fitness centers are designed to get your heart pumping and improve your muscle coordination. Some core work will be accomplished during these sessions, but for a full body workout, you will need to spend time doing floor exercises such as sit-ups, crunches and plenty of stretching after those muscles are nice and warm.

ballroom dancing

Disco Dance Party

Getting in the groove with an old-fashion dance party has a lot of health benefits. The most important word of caution for those who love disco is to take it easy. Be sure to warm up before getting down, or you might not be able to get back up. The best results from disco dancing come when a person participates regularly, warms up with a slow dance or two, and takes the time to cool down as well. Disco dancing or any club-style dancing will get you a great cardio workout. However, you will need to hit the gym or use some interpretive dance for strengthening and good core benefits.

Disco Dance Party

Interpretive Dance

Although you may admire the long lines and tight bodies of ballerinas, the average person isn’t going to be able to perform ballet in any convincing fashion. Interpretive modern dance on the other hand incorporates some elements of ballet and is a great way to begin extending your limbs, strengthening and toning. Some interpretive dance contains aerobic elements, but much of it focuses on slow, controlled movements that build a strong core. While learning interpretive dance, you may find yourself doing a lot of leg lifts, sit-ups and other floor exercises, but if you want to get fit while learning to move gracefully, the effort will be worth your while.

interpretive dance

Dance workouts are not only held in classes. There are a couple videos created so you can enjoy and dancercise at home!

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