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Everyday Improvements: Ideas to Increase Mobility

increase senior mobility

Perhaps the greatest threat to overall well-being for seniors is the lack of mobility that many suffer from in later years. Fortunately, it is possible for nearly every senior to do things to increase mobility in their own home. There is no need to give in, no matter how immobile seniors may be. Here is a look at some of the best ideas for seniors to increase their mobility.

Flexibility Exercises

One of the biggest challenges for aging seniors, is the loss of flexibility that occurs. This spells doom for people who want to keep mobile. In order to combat this tendency for loss of flexibility, seniors should engage in as many activities that build flexibly as they can. Two great ideas for building flexibility are yoga and Pilates. It is easy to find classes that teach these two great flexibility-building activities in most local areas.

Water Exercises

For those who want to build up their mobility faster, one of the best components to add to their routine is water-based exercises. Water exercises are great for helping people with limited mobility expand their range of motion without the strain of impact that land-based exercise imposes on them. Water is great for loosening tight muscles as well, keeping you limber and fresh.

Don’t Stop

The most important thing to remember for seniors is to never stop being active. When old age starts to envelop people, they have to stay active in order to keep their mobility. Even a short break from activity can cause serious mobility issues. On the other hand, even a little activity will help seniors to get their mobility back. If you are starting at square one, then simply getting five minutes of activity a day will help you start to make great strides in your mobility. Slowly build up your activity level until you can sustain 30 minutes to an hour of activity. Once you build up to this level, you will be able to keep your mobility as long as you continue to stay active.

Core Strengthening

One of the most important discoveries in the last few decades of life, is just how important core strength is to all athletic performance. This is true for seniors who want to have improved mobility as well. Core strength helps to maintain balance and avoid falls while staying active.

Seniors need to remember that the most important key to maintaining and improving mobility is to stay active. As long as they keep moving, they are going to be able to keep their ability to move. When moving becomes too difficult to accomplish on your own, don’t immediately go for a mobility chair, and test your lingering strength by employing a standing helper like a walker or cane which can help to preserve strength for as long as possible.

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