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Mirena Side Effects: What You Need to Know

Mirena side effects

What is Mirena IUD?

All women probably know what mirena IUD is but for the rest of us, IUD stands for a hormonal Intra-Uterine Device that is in form of a T, and is inserted in a woman’s uterus as a long-term birth control mechanism. The device is made out of plastic and releases a type of progestin called mirena, which thickens the cervical mucus, making it impossible for the sperm to reaching (and fertilizing) an egg. This makes mirena, one of the most popular methods of contraception used by woman around the world.

Mirena Side Effects

All would have been great if this form of long-term contraception was without any negative effects on the human body but like many other medications, mirena comes with several side effects.

Mirena side effects range from early menopause, to accelerated aging, inability to reach orgasm, depression, and other psychological symptom. In the worse cases, mirena has been reported to cause brain damage, and massive weight gain.

Mirena side effects are the results of biological clashes among chemicals released by the mirena device, and hormones in the human body. Short of confusing you with a long explanation of what these clashes are, let’s just summarize by noting the following: mirena’s synthetic progesterone (Levonorgestrel) causes the decrease in natural progesterone and the release of a significant amount of insulin in the body, which in turn triggers magnesium and potassium depletion in the body.

Potassium deficiency causes constipation, further progesterone decrease, heart palpitation, elevated blood pressure, depression, panic attacks, etc, and the metabolic imbalance that results from the insulin spike causes fatigue, brain fogginess, intestinal bloating, low blood sugar, depression, food cravings, and increased weight due to an increase in body fat storage, which leads us to the next point

Mirena Weight Gain

The hormone imbalance highlighted above slows down your metabolism, which in turns promotes fat storage and weight gain. Mirena weight gain is very common in women who use this form of contraception. It has been reported that a woman can gain between 25 and 35 pounds in excess body fat by using mirena.

There are detox programs that can help women eliminate all mirena side effects including mirena weight gain issues. Just make ensure you find the program that makes the most sense for you

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