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Nutrition and Weight Loss: How Eating Healthy Can Help You Lose Weight Faster

weight loss and nutrition

Losing weight
 is a major goal for a lot of people.  Most people who have tried to lose weight by using programs that offer big promises, more often than not find themselves disappointed with the results.  The truth is, many weight loss programs focus too much on the idea of getting quick results using whatever methods they can.  This not only leads to ineffective or at least short-lived results, but can pose a variety of health risks as well.  Diet programs tend to be extreme and focus on one food type or the absolute abstinence from eating a large variety of foods. Changing eating habits to conform to an extreme and restrictive diet can send mixed signals to the brain.  More often than not the body will respond to an extreme diet change in the same way it would respond to a food shortage, by storing up even more excess fat.

Path to lasting results

If weight loss is your goal, you most likely would like to see lasting results. The only way lasting results can be achieved consistently is through creating new habits of living and abiding by them long into the future.  A good example to demonstrate the effectiveness of this is to look at the habits of someone who is in excellent health and physical shape. For a person to maintain a high level of health and physical fitness, they must eat healthy food, avoid overeating, and get enough exercise to burn the calories they are taking in.  To make an oversimplified example, if someone who is dealing with weight issues were to simply lower the amount of food they ate, it would be impossible for their body to maintain the level of excess fat that it previously did.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition plays a surprisingly significant role in weight loss. In fact, it is not only important for maintaining good health but is critical for success in weight management. There are a variety of benefits that come with proper nutrition including increased energy levels, improved cholesterol and lowered blood pressure. One key reason that most “fad diets” fail to deliver lasting results is the fact that they disregard proper nutrition by suggesting the reduction or elimination of entire food groups from meals.  For a weight loss or management program to be effective it must not only include physical activity but also behavioral changes and proper nutrition.  When approached from a perspective of health instead of simply shedding pounds, weight loss becomes a much more realistic and achievable goal. The beauty of such an approach is that, instead of being an uncomfortable or painful experience, you will feel fantastic and be glad to make a lasting lifestyle change. Once finding a balanced and healthy way to live your life, the weight will drop and will not return.  It’s also important to note that, as a result, you will feel so much happier that it is unlikely you will be tempted to return to the old habits.

Balance, variety, and moderation

A few important things to keep in mind when working towards obtaining a healthy new lifestyle through good nutrition are a) balance, b) variety of foods, and c) moderation in eating. Balance is achieved through getting all of the nutrition that your body needs to function at its best. The variety of foods will help you achieve the balance and can be accomplished through the five major food groups. It’s important to realize that there is no single food type that supplies the body with all the nutrients that it requires. And finally, once you’ve developed the habit of eating less, your appetite will shift to accommodate it. This part may sound unpleasant, but there are actually different types of foods that will help you to lower your appetite, in a healthy and responsible way, while making the transition.

Responsible fasting

Another method that can help lower appetite and slim down in a healthy way is intermittent fasting. Fasting, when done responsibly, has a variety of benefits beyond the ones associated with weight management.  A proper regimen of intermittent fasting can help increase mental alertness and clarity, and has actually been shown to increase longevity.

You can achieve a happier, healthier, and slimmer lifestyle if you’re willing to make a few changes.  With proper nutrition, physical activity and a few changes of perspective, you’ll be well on the way to lasting results.

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