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Physical Fitness and Back Pain: How One Can Help with the Other

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If only real life was more like cartoons- wouldn’t it be fun? After attending at a prison rodeo -which has happened to many of us- everyone’s most loved cartoon father, Homer Simpson, hurts his back. He was fortunately able to fix it himself, with the invention of the spine-o-cylinder, which was simply a trashcan that happened to pop all his vertebrae back into place if he fell onto it backwards. Homer immediately sets himself up as a miracle chiropractor, which again, is something that all of us do in the real world.

If any of the characters did suffer from back pain in this episode, rest assured that it would be 100% forgotten about by the following week. And this is why real life should be more like cartoons- if only back pain was gone forever in a week! And also, it would be nice to never age, and be eternally young like those darn animated characters… Bart Simpson should be in his mid 30’s by now! Back pain generally hangs around for more than a week, and it can truly be debilitating- impacting on your ability to lead an active life.

There are some ways to manage and even prevent back pain, and the easiest methods are all a bit physical…

Stretch Your Way to a Strong Lower Back

Exercising your lower back will make you less prone to lower back pain, as well as strengthening your overall core, meaning that you’re less prone to other injuries too. These aren’t the toning exercises that you might be used to, and they’re not designed to give you an impressive six pack or biceps, but the multitude of stretching based exercises that have been developed to strengthen your lower back should be an addition to everyone’s daily routine. The low impact nature of most stretching exercises for lower back strength mean that they’re suitable for all ages.

Be Careful When Exercising

Of course, lower back pain is often caused by exercise itself, and you might wake up the day after the gym with a shooting pain that makes you not even want to get out of bed, let alone do any kind of exercise. When going to the gym, it’s a great idea to consult a trainer who will ensure that you’re exercising correctly. Some types of crunches and other repetitive movements can inflame the muscles in your back, and so can using exercise equipment with the seat set at an incorrect height.

Lower Back Pain and Keeping Fit

If you’re already affected by lower back pain, you don’t need to let it stop you from exercise, although unsurprisingly, you’ll need to be very selective in what you do. You’ll no doubt already have explored the pain injury relief options available for you, whether it’s via prescribed drugs or physical therapy, and yet you might think that your exercise options are limited. The keywords are “low impact,” and you can give your muscles a safe workout while still burning calories by engaging in swimming, aqua jogging and water aerobics. As you might have noticed, these are all water-based activities, and the water supports the weight of your body, putting less stress on your back.

Other low impact activities to consider are yoga- and if you want to burn extra calories, then consider hot/bikram yoga, which is performed in a heated room. There’s also walking- either out and about or on the treadmill, gentle step aerobics and roller blading.

You can also maybe attend a dance class designed specifically for older members of the community- they give you a workout that doesn’t stress the body. You might even see one of The Simpsons… or at least you would if they aged naturally!


About the Author: Balázs has been intrigued by living a healthy life all his life. He’s a regular runner and works out multiple times a week. He believes that to be truly successful in achieving in your health related goals, your main focus should be on your diet.

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