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Professionals Revealed 10 Biggest Mistakes of Bodybuilders

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This article will give you the ten biggest mistakes of bodybuilders revealed by professionals. The following are:

Eating Too Much

The rule of biology is: excess calories can turn into stored body fat. Overeating is at the top list of a nutritional false move. In bodybuilding, the major goal is to build muscle and its major enemy is forming bodyfats. There is no sense in working out hard to build muscles and the layers are filled with fats. When you are overweight, you must eat less because when you consume less food, it could be one reason to lose weight. However, if you are on a strict diet to eat less, but still continues to have an unhealthy diet, you are just making a mini version of the old self. It will shrink you down, but the proportion of body fat to muscle is still the same. In effect, you are pounds lighter, but the same old self. The true physical transformation is in reducing body fat while you maintain building muscles. To retain muscle and lose fat, eat an appropriate amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Eating Too Little

Eating too little is as bad as eating too much. Physiologically, building muscle is impossible to achieve if there is a lack of proper nutrients. Building muscle needs the right amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates. The main rule is to have a balance, enough quality food to build muscle.

Insufficient Protein

Protein is the most important nutrient that can help in building and regenerating muscles. The rule is to eat lean protein, but it cannot be avoided that fat coexists with protein. The primary sources of protein are meat, fowl, fish, and dairy, but they also have much fat content. Nowadays, weight trainers rely on low fat or non-fat sources of protein like egg whites, fish, skim milk, flank steak and skinless fowl.

Failed to Cook

In building muscle, the preparation of a meal is an important skill to be successful in this endeavor. You must be able to cook your own food. It is a big mistake if you depend on your spouse, mom, fast food and restaurants on the food you eat. However, food preparation in building muscle is not contained to unimaginative, tasteless and bland food, you can create a clean food at the same time delicious.

Not Having a Nutrition Record

It may sound cumbersome, but people who are serious in building muscle, they keep a nutrition record on the food they consume and the time they consumed it. This way, they can monitor their food intake and nutritional progress.

Too Much Intake of Sugar and Fat

Sugar and fat are the nutrition’s twin demons. The densest nutrient is fat that contains nine calories each gram and it is very hard to digest. Yet fat is important for body and brain functions, it can be sourced from regular eating of low fat foods. On the other hand, too much sugar can be converted as fat when it is digested in the body. Avoid foods which claim to be low fat but are loaded with too much sugar. For this reason, limit intake of fat to only 15% of the caloric consumption needed.

Not Drinking the Right Amount of Water

The body is composed of 67% water, for this reason, you should drink more water each day. Water helps in keeping the body pipes clean and flushes toxins regularly and continually. At the same time, drinking lots of water can regenerate muscle cells. It is suggested to drink 8-10 glasses of water every day.

Lacks Balance of Positive Nitrogen

The balance of positive nitrogen is important for muscle growth. To achieve this, take a fresh supply of nutrients for muscle building every 3 hours because the body works more efficiently if feed in small portions on a regular basis all throughout the day. The spaced feedings must be rich in high quality carbohydrates and protein.

Lack of Balanced Meal

Imbalance of food intake is very common nowadays. However, a balanced meal is defined differently by nutritionists and muscle elites. According to some elites, a balanced meal is composed of lean protein, fibrous and starchy carbohydrates and a small amount of sugar and fat. Also, the proportion varies for each person depending on their characteristics.

Ignored Supplementation

Even if you take in the right food, still you cannot avoid the shortcomings and the little holes and taking supplements can help like a fat burner, joint supplement, BCAAs  and testosterone to help your journey for muscle growth.

About the Author: James Hundson.  I am a Personal Fitness Trainer. I coordinate and instruct  people in their fitness goals. I believe healthy, balanced nutrition and a regular exercise routine provides a foundation for personal happiness

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