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What is CrossFit and What You Need to Know About it

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CrossFit is a fitness program developed to give you a full-body workout which incorporates numerous elements of training such as weight lifting, cardio, aerobics, core training, gymnastics and much more so that your body is prepared for all challenges.

On the CrossFit website, the workout will be defined as follows:

“CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.”

CrossFit is a high intensity workout regime that mixes up many exercises – you will never do the same workout twice a week, plus each workout lasts for about 45 minutes.

CrossFit trainers either develop a personalized workout per day or follow the “Workout of the Day” OR WOD from the CrossFit website. This is the timed portion of the class where you try to beat personal bests on a series of exercises.

Before you begin

  • Visit a few CrossFit gyms and don’t just settle for the first one you go to. Make sure you talk to the coaches and get an idea of what the workout is all about. There are many CrossFit gyms which offer a demo or a free introductory class to newcomers and beginners so don’t miss this out – this is the best way to see if your potential coach is best for you
  • Consult your coach and be sure he is aware of any of your past injuries that took place upon trying certain CrossFit exercises – make sure you tell him which. In case you have a severe injury, you may have to talk to your doctor before joining a gym
  • Make sure you have a general understanding of your fitness level and basic fitness rules and techniques. You do not want to perform an exercise with incorrect form neither do you want to lift too heavy and cause an injury which will take ages to fix.
  • Many CrossFitters stand by the “scale your workout” rule. If you are a beginner, you may not be able to lift as heavy as expert CrossFit trainers who have been involved in this workout for years. The same rule applies to intensity and number of reps, so always listen to your body when it reaches its optimum capacity.

What you are going to love about CrossFit

CrossFit revolves around the belief that if you perform a high intensity exercise within a shorter period, the workout is more effective.

Most CrossFitters follow the Paleo diet and are super religious about their fitness. Many former athletes also use CrossFit to maintain the competition between other athletes, however this does not mean you can’t do it too.

What most people love about joining a CrossFit gym is that everybody follows a common workout regimen and encourages each other so that they thrive harder and make their workouts more effective.

Most non-CrossFitters may go against this workout because it is too intense and follows the pain-is-gain mentality but none of this is true. CrossFit encourages trainers to listen to their bodies and accept discomfort as it is. Trainers are told to push their bodies to their limits but not way beyond them – you just have to work out utilizing your maximum capacity – will it hurt? Yes, but it will be the sweet pain you get when you perform any hardcore exercise. The pain pays off!

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