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Diet Soda and Weight Gain – Learn The Exact Truth Why Diet Soda Can Actually Cause Unwanted Weight Gain Instead of Weight Loss!

Diet Soda & Weight Gain

Do you know that diet soda can actually cause unwanted weight gain instead of weight loss? I bet most of you will never know the shocking truth yet! In fact, most of us were made to believe through misleading advertisements that drinking diet soda can essentially help to burn off your extra pounds!

However, the honest true fact is in order to lose weight and keep it off, you have to commit to a certain number of lifestyle changes that will help make that happen. For many, that means giving up on food and drinks that very much fall into the junk or unhealthy category. At the top of that list are sugary sodas that can quickly move the calorie counter in the wrong direction with every single sip.

Know The True Difference

Giving up the sweet, caffeinated beverage can be a real chore for many people, which is why many look at making the switch to a diet version to be totally acceptable. What they don’t realize is that diet sodas can have as much of a negative effect on your weight as the regular ones can. It’s easy to believe that taking out the sugar content found in the average can of soda should be enough to help you start taking off the weight.

The question that has to be asked, though, concerns what exactly the soda makers put in the diet version so that it retains at least a portion of the sugary flavor that makes soda so appealing in the first place. It’s when you discover what they do that you begun to see how diet sodas, and the ingredients in particular, may not be as helpful as the makers would have you believe.

Diet Soda Ads Can Be Misleading

Take a moment to consider the people that you see drinking diet sodas, paying close attention to their appearance. TV ads that are intended to sell diet soda usually show young people with toned bodies out at the beach or sipping a soda during a break in a sport they are participating in, usually in skimpy or tight clothing.

We can bet that those are not who you usually see sipping a diet soda, but rather you’ll find overweight folks ordering up a diet beverage with their favorite fast food meal. This is not intended as a slight on those folks, as it’s safe to say that they have bought into the image created by soda makers, believing that drinking beverages with artificial sweeteners are the first step in getting thin.

Hidden Artificial Sweetener is The Real Killer

The problem is that they are not getting thin, and while the fact that they may still not be eating or exercising properly plays a part in that, artificial sweeteners complicit in it, too. There has been a ton of research done to try and tie weight gain and artificial sweeteners together, and while the jury is still somewhat out on it, the evidence suggests that the smoking gun very much lies in the hands of diet sodas and the artificial sweeteners they contain.

The first thing you need to look at is the number of people who are now tipping the scales at a number that is considered to be obese. That number has been on a steady rise, with the increase on the graph almost identical to that is the rate at which artificial sweetener are added to the foods and drinks that we consume. The most damning evidence in the case against diet sodas and artificial sweeteners can be found in the effect that many researchers believe it has on the human brain and their body.

Smell & Taste Can Induce Hunger

In order to follow along with this theory, take a moment to think about your favorite food or drink and how you react when you taste or smell it. If you come down the stairs in the morning and are met with the smell of coffee brewing and bacon being fried, you will find that your mouth starts to water and that your bell will rumble in anticipation.

Your brain recognizes these smells and starts to prepare your body for what you are about to eat. In short, it will tell you that you are hungry, even if you weren’t feeling that way in the moments before the smells reached your nose.

Diet Soda and Weight Gain

Wrong Signal Can Trigger Unwanted Appetite

Diet soda performs the same sort of trick on your brain, especially if you are used to drinking regular sugary sodas. Once you have finished your diet drink, without getting the sugar your body expected, the brain will start to send the signal that you are not sated and that you need more calories in order to properly fill up.

What’s important here is that when you are just thinking of eating based on a smell, your entire body prepares to take that food by readying the digestive system and other body functions so that what you eat can be properly processed.

 Unbalanced Hormones Leads to Weight Gain

The artificial sweetener triggers the response that prepares your body for all the nutrients coming its way, but they are never delivered. Confusion reigns supreme and your body is put in a position that it’s not used to, which basically upsets the delicate hormonal balance at play and can lead to weight gain.

Research done on lab rates showed that those animals fed with foods that contained artificial sweetener led to hormonal changes that included a major slowing of their metabolism, a change in their core body temperature and weight gain that went well above and beyond that experienced by the rats that were fed normally sweetened food.

What was even more surprising was that the rats fed the artificial sweetener actually consumed less calories than the others, yet still experienced all the aforementioned negatives.

Wisdom is Required Here

The human body is like a machine in that it needs to be properly maintained in order to work at complete effectiveness. Adding in artificial sweeteners can throw a spanner onto the works of the brain that controls everything. It’s like the equivalent of hot wiring, with all the hard work that the brain does to keep your body safe and running properly undone by something it is just not used to encountering.

If you have decided to diet and are considering making the switch to diet sodas, it might be time to rethink that plan. Perhaps you should ditch the soda idea altogether and simply stick to water, which is always a healthy option.


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