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The Many Rewards of Good Posture

Good posture

You know you should have good posture. People have been telling you this for years—your mom, grandma, piano teacher,  and even your little league coach likely told you to sit or stand up straight at least once or twice. But why is it so important? Sitting with correctly may seem like more effort for less comfort, but there are many advantages of practicing good posture.  Correct posture is all about keeping your body in its natural position. Here are some of the biggest benefits of good posture.

Breathe Easier

When you slouch, your lungs and diaphragm have less room to expand and contract when you inhale and exhale. This means that breathing is more work when you have poor posture. Breathing is a pretty important body function, so sit up straight and make it a little easier.

Think Clearer

Everything is harder when your mind feels foggy, but when you sit up straight and improve your breathing, you improve your ability to concentrate and think clearly. Oxygen is an essential component of brain function, so an increased supply from better breathing will boost your brain power.

Feel Energized

Slumping in your seat is surprisingly hard work. Our bodies aren’t suited to slouching, so when you sit or stand with poor posture, your muscles have to do more work to hold you up. Practice proper posture and save yourself some for other more important tasks like finishing your report for work, visiting with friends, or running your daily mile.

Prevent Pain

Since our bodies work best when we practice good posture, it naturally follows that poor posture would result in pain. Our bodies use pain to tell us that something is wrong, so when you sit or stand the wrong way, pain follows. Poor posture can put excess pressure on your joints, strain the wrong muscles, and in particularly bad cases, leave you with a misaligned spine. Back pain is an especially common and crippling problem for many adults, so anything we can do to prevent it is a worthwhile investment.

Improve Appearance

Sitting and standing with good posture will make you look slimmer and taller, which is something most of us wouldn’t complain about. Practicing good posture happens to be one of the easiest ways to improve your appearance. It takes no time and zero dollars, so start standing tall today.

Increase Confidence

Sitting up straight is a simple way to boost your confidence. The increased energy, clear-headedness, and improved appearance all contribute toward making you feel a bit more self-assured. So stand up straight and tackle your next task with refreshed confidence.

With many of us spending more and more time sitting at desks in front of computers for work, school and entertainment, good posture has become even more necessary. Set a reminder on your phone or computer to check your posture regularly until perfect posture becomes a habit. Some people have chosen to sit on an exercise ball that forces them to have good posture or invested in a standing desk. Exercise is another great way to improve your posture. Yoga, Pilates, and core exercises like planks will strengthen your back muscles and abdominal muscles, both of which are an essential part of keeping you sitting straight. Make a few changes and start reaping the many benefits of good posture.

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Georgia Cook loves writing about health and wellness. To learn more about taking care of your back, visit Total eMedical.

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