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Mind Over Matter: How Our Subconscious is Changing


The human population is evolving. In under 1000 years, we have gone from a species that openly cheered public execution, to one that abhors violence in all its forms. Although violence is still a daily reality in many parts of the world, our collective subconscious is awakening and people are becoming more mindful of the need to change.

Neuroplasticity Helps Us Change

Scientists used to believe that we could not change our subconscious thoughts. It was believed that once memory was lost, it was lost forever. With recent developments in neuroscience and with the help of new MRI machines and Mindset consulting groups, we are learning that this isn’t the case. It is even possible to re-train our thought processes and train our minds to have better recall even after significant cognitive impairments. The concept of neuroplasticity, which is the ability of neurological connections to heal themselves, is changing the way we treat dementia, Alzheimers, and short and long- term memory loss.

If You Think It, It Will Come

The ability to visualize a positive reality is also literally, the ability to create it. Neuroscience is beginning to understand the importance of the human negativity bias, where the human brain spends more time focusing on negative emotions than positive ones. In fact, the human language has far more words and descriptors for negative feelings and experiences than positive ones. This is because dealing with negative factors triggers a fight or flight response. Back in time when our ancestors were facing wild animals and fighting to stay alive, focusing on negative situations was a matter of survival. Now, even though we don’t face grizzly bears or hostile tribesmen in the wild, our bodies still have the same response. Our brains similarly still focus more energy on negative situations than positive ones.

Our Subconscious is Changing for the Better

Luckily, we have the ability to shift our focus from the negative, and the key to change is easier than you may think. Through neuroplasticity, we change negative feelings and energy by simply focusing on the positive for longer periods of time. For example, when we see a beautiful Asiatic Lilly, instead of noting its beauty and moving on, if we stop and really look at it- studying its pistons, opening petals, and fragrance, we begin to have more positive feelings overall. The same result follows from prolonged focus on any positive experience, including positive human interactions, petting a beloved dog, and simply smiling.

The mind is more than a conduit, it is a creator. Our collective identities have shifted from a belief that we are all separate, to an understanding that we are, in fact, part of the collective consciousness. What we think does matter. The more positive our thoughts, the more we will help humanity move toward a higher consciousness.

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