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Natural Lighting Enhances Healthy Living

Health Secrets The Benefits of Natural Light

Long, dreary, cold winters with limited sunlight have a major effect on a person’s physical and emotional health. Just as too much exposure to sunlight can have detrimental consequences, too little natural light has a significant impact on overall health and productivity. Humans have a pronounced need for energy in the form of natural light. Daily exposure to natural light enables the body to function at optimal levels. There is no denying the quintessential health benefits associated with natural lighting.

Sunlight Produces Vitamin D

When exposure to natural light in the form of sunlight is limited, levels of Vitamin D in the body drop significantly. This essential vitamin is responsible for helping alleviate the symptoms of depression and other emotional disturbances. Research has found evidence that it minimizes the risk of developing some forms of cancer. It also helps with the absorption of minerals and other vitamins. Brief exposure to sunlight on a daily basis benefits the body by helping to ward off many common ailments.

Sunlight Kills Germs and Harmful Bacteria

Introducing an abundant amount of natural lighting in the home has a significant impact on the indoor environment. The light from the sun helps eliminate the growth of mold on exposed surfaces and controls the spread of harmful bacteria and virus germs. Exposure to natural lighting in the home helps improve general health and well-being.

Natural Lighting Impacts Physical and Emotional Health

Seasonal affective disorder or SAD, depression, and osteoporosis can be attributed to lack of exposure to natural light. Autistic and severely disabled children benefit from exposure to natural lighting as it produces a calming effect. A study conducted by Heschong Mahone Group in Sacramento, California found that test scores increased by at least 26 percent for students in classrooms with natural lighting.

Windows Bring More Natural Light Benefits

When inclement weather prevents being outdoors, energy-efficient windows help by allowing natural light inside. Not only do they contribute to a healthier indoor environment, but they also help with heating costs. Installing windows and skylights can make a big difference in the introduction of natural lighting in a home or business.

Even though most people understand the dangers of too much sunlight exposure, some are unaware of the health benefits of natural light. Individuals who enjoy natural sunlight feel much better physically and think and perform much better in the classroom or on the job. Concentration and focus improve in an environment with natural lighting. Some times it takes a little initiative to get the right kind of Retro-Teck Window Mfg. Ltd. windows installed for the most effective natural light in your home.

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