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Shock your Liver: Drink Water Daily and Live Healthier

Drink Water Daily

Everyone knows that water is important to health, but exactly how important it is may not be understood. A typical person can live only three days without water. Our bodies lose water throughout the day and even as we sleep. This water needs to be replenished. In addition, a person needs to have a sufficient amount of water to maintain good health. Without a healthy amount of water, a variety of health issues can develop. 

Liver problems

If you are like many people and are not getting enough daily intake of water, your liver is most likely helping your kidneys do their job. The liver has many functions and one of them is to help remove toxins if your kidneys are in need of help. When your body gets plenty of water, your liver will no longer need to help your kidneys and will focus on metabolism. This is why drinking lots of water will lead to weight loss. It decreases the appetite, but this is because the liver has become better with its metabolic function.

In order to maintain good health, medical researchers recommend eight glasses of water each day. A glass is usually defined as eight ounces, so a man or woman needs to consume 64 ounces of water each day. This is the same as a half gallon of water every day of your life.

Pure water

Although you can get water from juice, coffee, tea, soda and other beverages, when you consume water, it is pure and is the easiest liquid on your kidneys.
It is your kidneys that filter all of the liquid you consume in your body, so when you drink water, you are keeping your kidneys healthy by flushing out any toxins that have built up over time.

Keeping your body hydrated will also help your skin fight dryness. The water will contribute to good digestion and help to fight off cases of constipation.

The easiest way to start drinking more water is to simply use your tap at home. Of course, many people do not like the taste of their local water, and this can vary across the country. In some places, it may not be as healthy as bottled water. For most people, convenient home water delivery services are available, and you can have bottled water arriving at your home on a regular basis. This combined with a low cost sports bottle, and you can have clean water at home and everywhere you travel.

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