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Bacteria Buildup: Diseases You Never Expect to Find in Your Home

Bacteria Buildup Diseases

You may never suspect your home is a time bomb, ticking away as bacteria builds up to make you and your family sick. Perhaps you keep an army of cleaners on hand. Maybe you buy antibacterial products to keep yourself clean, but you still find yourself plagued with such illnesses as ear infections, or gastrointestinal problems. Do you question what’s causing the problems, and do you understand what you need to do to fight them?

It’s important to know what you’re up against. Bacteria are microscopic single celled organisms that reproduce at high rates, forming colonies that can threaten you with any number of diseases. These organisms can live in almost any environment, making the battle to escape illness difficult.

The Best Bacteria Locations

Your Kitchen

What kinds of products do you use in your kitchen? Items like cutting boards and wooden utensils, even though they’re clean, can be a haven for bacteria due to their porous nature. When maintaining these products it’s important to sanitize thoroughly.

Your Bathroom

The toilet is usually the number one suspect for harboring bacteria, but you might be surprised at other places it can grow. Your toothbrush is a great place for bacteria to build up. After every brush you should rinse it thoroughly and keep it in a place where it can dry out.

Around the Edges

Your doorknobs, windows and ceiling fans are a place you don’t normally think of that often. Doors get touched every day by hands that have been everywhere from the garden to the table. Keep them clean by wiping them down once a week. Dust and bacteria can also easily build up on your fan blades so it’s always a good ideas to wipe them clean every now and then as well.

What Bacterial Diseases Might Be Lurking In Your Home?

Some bacteria are pathogens, causing a wide range of illnesses from strep throat to cholera. Respiratory infections are the most common ailments, but the possibilities can be endless if your home isn’t clean. Washing your hands, as well as your cooking surfaces can help you avoid food poisoning, and using antibacterial cleaners can be effective. Keeping bugs at a minimum via pest control in Langley can also prevent bacteria buildup and diseases from entering your home. Use your pest detective skills by checking for rotting wood and entry point around the exterior of the home.

Friendly Bacteria vs Antibiotics

In your fight against bacteria, you should remember that not all bacteria are bad. In fact, overusing antibiotics or antibacterial cleaning products can upset the flora in your gut. There are several strains of ‘good’ bacteria that actually help your body’s immune system. Too many antibiotics can lead to more conditions than you previously suffered.

Bacteria can be a problem in some homes, but staying informed can ensure your home doesn’t have to be one of them.

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