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Gym Junkie: Best Workouts For Your Arms


Let’s face it, few things are as attractive as a nice set of strong, sculpted arms. The thing is, there’s no point having them if your arms don’t match the rest of you. Working out at a gym can be great for getting a whole body trim. Sometimes it is hard to know the best ways to get your arms engaged. When you really want to focus on this area, but don’t want to do a hundred tired curls, there are some great ways to really sculpt them.

Walk the Plank

Avoiding the dumbbell curl, one of the most effective exercises is the forearm plank. Take the position of a regular plank, then lay your forearms flat, parallel to your head. Hold this position for thirty seconds. One of the most difficult areas to build size and tone is the forearm, and this exercise targets them and your core in a way that will yield noticeable results within several weeks.

Dead Weight

Another great exercise is the deadlift. Yes, the dreaded deadlift, the one everyone warns you about. It’s a full-body exercise, which means it will strengthen every single muscle group, and leave you feeling like you were tossed off a mountain in the best possible way. Using a squat position, you lift first with your legs, and keeping your back straight, heave the rest up with your arms. This workout will also tear your forearms to pieces, resulting in a massive increase in sizes and tone within a few months of consistent exercise.

Raise the Bar

Yet another great workout for the arms is a pull-up. You can perform a pull-up with or without weights; it’s usually best to get the hang of doing them with only your own bodyweight at first. These exercises work your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and forearms in one single motion. They’re tough, but well worth it. A successful pull up is a major milestone in many people’s quest for fitness.

Squat Surprises

The final exercise for bulking up your arms and building strength is the front squat. Similar to a standard squat, the front squat will rely heavily upon your arm strength to hold the barbell level and stable as you lower yourself to the ground. This is another full body exercise much like the deadlift, but it will provide the various results you’re looking for.

If you aren’t comfortable performing these lifts by yourself, consider finding a gym with a personal trainer to help you out. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. However, if your trainer pushes you too hard Taylor and Blair Vancouver BC lawyers recommend you stop and only try what are within your limits at first.

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