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A National Concern: What is the Future for America’s Health?

Future for America's Health

The nation is changing, and so is our health. If you look around, you see sickness, disease, obesity, and depression running rampant in the national spotlight. What exactly is happening to America’s health?

Obesity and Toxic Chemicals in our Food

Obesity is linked to the majority of major life-threatening diseases at this time in the country. Being overweight is linked to diabetes, heart and kidney disease, and liver failure. As stated by a professional with a masters in coaching and athletic administration, obesity is also linked to all sorts of cancers. As a nation, we are consuming loads of processed meats, grains, and sugars every day. Farmers around the United States use harsh chemicals on their crops to keep bugs and disease at bay. But did you know that we are the ones who end up eating these chemicals? If they are meant to kill living creatures, what can they do to our bodies? Only fruits and vegetables that are labeled organic are known to avoid these toxic ingredients. It is important to limit the amount of processed food we consume and pay attention to the type of process and place our produce is grown.

Lack of Movement

The internet and our various technological gadgets enhance our lives greatly and make daily living so much easier. We can now keep in touch with family and loved ones all over the world, and we have access to information that we never had access to before. But there has been a detrimental health effect because of our new love for technology. Namely, we have become more sedentary. Scientific researchers now posit that a sedentary lifestyle is as bad for our health as smoking or excess drinking. The way we work has become nearly devoid of all movement and to stay in shape requires extra time and effort.

What to Do About These Health Challenges

The only way to adapt our health habits to our modern lifestyles and become a healthier nation is to make it a point to improve ourselves. We can help the obesity epidemic by paying more attention to what we eat. The goal is to focus on fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains over packaged and processed foods. These foods need to be more affordable and readily available to many demographics. We can help eliminate toxins and chemicals in our foods by urging congress to pass laws that make it mandatory for farmers to tell us what’s on their products.

Finally, we can combat the “sedentary epidemic” by making it a point to move more in our day to day affairs. We can do this by taking frequent breaks to get up and stretch, but we can also find jobs that allow us to move more. One good example is finding jobs in the fitness industry, or even to make an effort to sit on a different chair or exercise ball and target different muscles at a desk. As a nation and a world, we can overcome these health challenges. It’s just going to take a little work.

The future for American health can seem grim, but it depends entirely on us. We need to make the effort to move more and to eat healthier. Bottom line, the health of the nation depends on what we do now to change our habits.

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