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Gaining Weight Naturally

gaining weight naturally

While most people are constantly looking for ways to lose weight, there is a minority of us looking to gain weight. Both, loosing and gaining weight are difficult tasks and require hard work. Eating junk food, thinking that it will help you put on weight is a big misconception.

Just like one needs to eat healthy to lose weight, one needs to eat healthy and responsibly to gain weight.

First of all, identify the reasons for being underweight:

  • Prolonged gaps between meals causes the body to go into starvation mode and it starts to use up the stored fat in order to continually supply energy.
  • Inadequate feeding habits are the number one reason for being under weight. Make an effort eat a little extra everyday. It will help increase your appetite.
  • A common mistake people trying to gain weight make, is eating junk. Poor selection of food will always do you more harm than good and will never help you put on weight.
  • If you are required to constantly be on the go, make sure you increase your food intake accordingly. Increase in physical activity, without an increase in food quantity can prove to be very bad for your health.

Foods that can help you gain weight, naturally

  • Peanut butter: High on protein, peanut butter carries approximately 90 calories per tablespoon. Including peanut butter on your breakfast menu will make a significant amount difference to your weight gain plan.
  • Whole eggs: Also loaded with protein, eggs are a great way to put on some extra kilos. They are also rich in good cholesterol, Vitamins A, D and E. One egg contains 70 calories and is food that can be a regular on your breakfast plate.
  • Butter: Often seen as a method of long-term weight gain, butter should be included in your diet too, but in moderation. Too much butter can harmful effects on your heart later.
  • Cheese: Concentrated milk is what it actually is. Cheese contains high amounts of calcium, fat, cholesterol, protein and calories!
  • Whole wheat bread: Another breakfast must-have. Whole bread is a rich source of carbohydrates and starch. It will help to keep you full and satisfied while adding an extra 69 calories to your daily diet.
  • Dry fruits: The tastiest and easiest way of putting on weight, is to have some dry fruits. Almonds, cashews, walnuts, dried apricots…the list goes on. Carry some around with you and keep popping in some dried fruits every time you have the chance. Weight-gain is guaranteed.
  • Oatmeal: Rich source of fiber helps your digestive system. It also provides the body with other necessary vital nutrients.
  • Brown rice: Brown rice is packed with carbohydrates and fiber. One of the healthiest ways to put on weight.
  • Yogurt: Also full of protein and calcium, yogurt can carry as many as 118 calories per serving.

Exercises help you gain weight

Although exercising is naturally attuned with losing weight; it also necessary if you want to gain healthy weight. Exercising builds muscle weight and helps you add weight to all the right parts. Remember, always exercise in moderation and with the help of a trainer. The trainer will help guide you towards your goal of gaining weight via exercising.

Also, rigorous physical activity will make you hungry and help increase your appetite. Drinking plenty of water is advisable. Water will clear your body of unwanted toxins and keep you hydrated.

Enjoy your food

The most important thing to remember when trying to gain weight is to remember to enjoy your food. These foods for gaining weight will only work if you really savor them. Don’t eat in a hurry, it will only cause indigestion. Eating your food slowly and properly will not only make it relaxing and enjoyable but, will also send the message to your body.

Author Bio: Madhavi Dandu is a senior editor at UrbanWired with deep love and passion for all things health, wellness, fitness and fashion. Given how uninformed people were about personal health, fitness, she saw the need to educate average joe and jane about healthy living through her writing.

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