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A Vision of Vivacity: How to Stay Healthy in Old Age

Stay Healthy in Old Age

The world’s population is getting older, with many individuals living past the age of 80. In the past, getting to this age was rare, with many spending their days in wheelchairs or beds. With modern medicine and technology, all that is changing. As we age, we should always keep in mind these ideas for staying fit and healthy in order to better enjoy those long years.

Exercise Each Day

Staying as physically active as possible at an older age helps to keep the body’s muscles strong, and bones sturdy. At the same time, walking and stretching helps to keep the joints flexible, and staves off the aches caused by arthritic conditions. Daily exercise also helps to prevent excess weight gain that leads to physical lethargy, and complications from heart disease to diabetes.

Continue to Learn

Keeping the brain active can help to prevent slower thinking, along with dementia conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Enroll in a free class for seniors at a community college, or learn something new online. Additional simple ways to maintain the brain’s synapses is by completing crossword puzzles or word searches. Do something daily to keep up mental health, and challenge yourself.

Visit an Optometrist

As we age our vision and hearing decline, leading to extra expenses like glasses or contacts, and hearing aids. Many individuals require reading or bifocal eyeglasses that require special examinations. During a visit to an Edmonton optometrist, patients also receive a test for glaucoma and cataracts along with a retinal examination. According to Londonderry Eye Care, finding eye problems in the earliest stages with an examination each year can prevent massive loss of vision later on. Don’t skip visits for hearing as well. Your doctor can tell you about hearing aids and which kinds will work best for your lifestyle and budget.

Eat Healthy Foods

Many older individuals who no longer need to cook for their families, find themselves subjected to a poor diet of ready-made junk foods or freezer meals. Get in the habit of buying fresh fruits and vegetables that are easy to eat raw for snacks and meals. When visiting a restaurant, choose meals that include broiled or steamed chicken or fish instead of deep-fried recipes.

Participate in Activities

Many retired elderly become isolated after they leave office life. Find activities that you enjoy at least three times a week that require socializing with others. Check to see if there is a senior center that has group activities such as card playing, or dancing. Choose something you find engaging and exciting.

Make a Daily Schedule

Without children to take care of, or a job to go to, it is easy to develop bad habits of watching television all day, or sleeping too much. Having a regular waking and sleeping schedule, along with having planned activities is an important way for seniors to stay energized and on track to staying healthy for years to come.

As we grow older, it is important to keep up a level of health that enables you to stay engaged and in good healthy physically and mentally. Pay attention to the habits you have now and try to implement ideas that keep you feeling your best.

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