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Outdoor Allergies: How to Combat the Worst Offenders

Outdoor allergies

Unlike allergies involving pet dander, synthetic materials, and food, outdoor allergies leave you unable to tailor a prevention plan to sidestep triggers. It’s not as if you can employ a system of tunnels to bypass the outdoor world, after all. Take heart and reclaim your outdoor happiness, dismissing these desperate thoughts. You don’t have to endure the sniffles and sneezes caused by Mother Nature, not when you have a plan to combat even the worst symptoms.

Recognize the Threats

Keep your symptoms under control by tracking trends, knowing when the particular allergens are prevalent, and identifying seasonal threats. Employ technology for that little bit of extra aid, monitoring pollen counts, and fitting filters in AC systems to keep cool air in, and floating matter outside.

Take Charge of your Yard

Nature’s culprits grow in your back yard, out among the roses and flowering succulents. Ragweed is a prime candidate, especially when the season changes from summer to fall. Learn to identify ragweed and keep your garden in trim, cutting grass short, checking the sod for moss and mold. The latter issue is particularly nasty. According to Western Turf Farms Ltd, grass mold is capable of triggering respiratory problems. If you’re wheezing or experiencing an uptake in asthmatic episodes, mold could be the culprit. If you need to, have a Vancouver lawn installation company pull out the offending parts and put in a rock garden or brick path instead.

Off-the-Shelf Remedies

Pollen counts are rising and weather patterns are changing. It’s getting harder to predict when the allergy seasons will really kick in and cause the most trouble. Equip your medicine cabinet with a store brand antihistamine and a decongestant to combat itchy eyes and runny noses in the family. Beware, the formulations these handy pills are based upon can cause extreme drowsiness.

Keep the Outside Where it Belongs

Tending to your flourishing garden fosters feelings of serenity. Hopefully you’ve swallowed your recommended antihistamine dosage, and you’re free from sneezing. You can focus on pruning your prize-winning rose bushes now, but don’t let this fragile control slip by, letting pollen into your home. Remove grimy, allergen-smeared gear before settling down for the evening. Allergens stick to clothing. Clean your clothing and tools and take similar action on your own body by washing off plant pollen with a cool shower.

Work and play smart while outdoors. Wear long-sleeved clothing when the temperature permits, preventing contact skin reactions. Keep grass short, and maintain the garden from an aesthetic perspective, but cultivate a space that’s free of high concentrates of pollen.

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