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Revolution in Allergies: How Science is Changing Treatment

Revolution in Allergies

Millions of people around the world suffer from the effects of allergies. People who are otherwise healthy, can be annoyed by allergy symptoms on a daily basis. In the past an allergy sufferer didn’t have many options for treatment. Medical technology and science have changed drastically over the last 20 years to give allergy sufferers more choices. If you suffer from allergies, you might need to consult with someone who has a bachelors in clinical laboratory science. They’ll be able to tell you more about your treatment options. Consider the following treatments for a modern allergy sufferer, and you may be able to be cured from your sniffling and sneezing.


Montelukast is a relatively new drug in allergy treatments. Singulair is the main drug available under this label. Montelukast has two main functions. The first function is that Montelukast decreases the amount of congestion in the nose. You’ll experience less sneezing, watery eyes, and itchy feelings. If you also suffer from asthma, Montelukast keeps your airways open by keeping the lungs clear. Leukotriene is the chemical that causes congestion in your nose and lungs, and Montelukast neutralizes this chemical in your body. Simply put, Singulair makes it easier to breath, and it relieves nasal allergy symptoms.


Most people don’t know that shots for allergies are available. Ask your doctor or specialist if allergy shots are right for you. If you suffer with daily allergy symptoms, the shots may be just what you need to live a healthier life. You may have to visit a hospital or clinic once a week to get your shots. An allergy specialist will determine the type of vaccine that is right for your specific type of allergies. You may not even need to take oral medication in the future if the shots have enough success in eliminating your allergy symptoms.

As medical science continues to advance, more treatments will become available. Ask your doctor or allergy specialist about the current treatments that are being tested. You might even be recommended to be part of a test trial where you’ll take a new medication. Allergy symptoms can cause people plenty of discomfort. Even though allergy sufferers aren’t infected with a bacteria or virus, they feel quite miserable. New advances in medical science allow doctors to treat allergy patients with specific care. The newest revolutions ensure that people who suffer from allergies might one day be free from the symptoms that bring them down.

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