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Balanced Life: What You aren’t Paying Attention to When it Comes to Health

Life moves fast. Time easily slips away and the important things, like our health and relationships, can often just fall by the wayside. What you aren’t paying attention to when it comes to your health, is probably what most needs your attention most to live a balanced life. Living in balance can bolster your health and help you maintain your sanity in an insane world. Here are three easy steps to get you started and help you find a way to make health a priority.

Drink more Water

drink water

Between tea, coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, smoothies, Frappuccino’s, and cocktails, you can’t forget water, the very elixir of life. Pure water helps produce energy, processes cellular waste, it keeps hormones balanced, and is crucial to every major function in your body. Depriving your body of water is like depriving your car of gas. Despite whatever else you drink, you need a minimum of one ounce of pure water for every two pounds of body weight. And if you exercise, experience stress, or have a mentally taxing job you need more.

Go to Sleep

sleep more

According to recent sleep studies, 95% of all Americans don’t get enough sleep and they know it. In March of 2013 the Center for Disease Control declared that, “Insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic.” A lack of sleep degrades your immune system, increases stress, is a major contributor to serious medical problems, decreases memory, and significantly increases your risk of heart disease, strokes and diabetes. Seven to eight hours of sleep a day should be considered a minimum unless you are experiencing stress, exercising regularly, or constantly feel tired during the afternoon, then you need more. Regular sleep is also shown by Genemedics Health Institute to regulate hormones.


meditate more

In a go, go, go world you need to stop, stop, stop. The best way to stop is by meditating or praying on a regular basis. Just ten minutes a day has significant benefits for your mental and physical health. Recent studies of combat soldiers suffering from severe PTSD found that 87% of them experienced a profound decrease in their symptoms and a more positive overall outlook after practicing meditation. If it can help them, it can help you. Simply find a quiet place to sit, control your breathing, and focus for ten minutes on a word, phrase, picture, or anything that calms your mind.

Balancing your life by paying attention to your physical and mental health can pay huge long term dividends. These three simple steps can get you on your way. Know that the time and effort you take to do these things is not wasted, but invested in your health and wellbeing. So live better by living a balanced life.

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