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Seven Super Carbs for Weight Loss

Carbs for weight loss, really? You might think that’s crazy, but actually it’s not. Carbs are an essential part of any balanced diet because they are your body’s main source of energy. In fact, nearly half of your daily calorie intake should be from carbs. Carbs give your brain energy to think and your body energy to move, and it could actually be damaging to deprive yourself from them. Not to mention that on low-carb diets, the moment carbs are reintroduced; your body will craze and store them, causing you to gain even more weight. The key is to eat healthy carbs as opposed to unhealthy ones.

1. Beans


Beans are a very healthy source of carbohydrates. In addition to containing plenty of carbs, they contain fiber, protein, and resistant starch. Fiber and resistant starch are two things that naturally quench your hunger. So, eating beans will leave you satiated longer. Additionally, studies have actually proven that beans have a special tendency towards weight loss. Beans have been shown to reduce the risk of an enlarged waistline by 23 percent and people who ate beans were shown to have a 22 percent reduced risk of obesity. Beans truly are the magical “fruit!”

2. Whole Wheat Pasta

whole wheat pasta

Pasta, on its own, is full of carbs and resistant starch, which we know can reduce your feelings of hunger. However, when you take it a step further and eat whole wheat pasta, there are even greater benefits. Whole wheat pasta can actually result in a lower BMI or body mass index. People who regularly eat whole wheat pasta as part of their meal have been shown to have less abdominal fat. Looking thinner could really be this easy.

3. Quinoa


Quinoa is a great source of healthy carbs for weight loss. Quinoa is not only very high in protein, but it is also a complete protein. This means that quinoa contains all nine amino acids. This helps in producing lean muscle and increasing calories burned. Another positive factor about quinoa is that it contains a high amount of anti-inflammatory phytonutrients. This helps to quell issues that are brought on through inflammation, including obesity. Eating greater amounts of quinoa could actually lower your risk of obesity.

4. Barley


Barley is high in fiber as well as carbs, which we know reduces hunger. Barley also has another way to fight hunger. It increases the sugar level in your blood, which fights hunger. It does this at a slower rate than candies, so you are also able to avoid the sugar high and sugar crash that could increase your appetite. Beta-glucan and pectin, also found in barley, are shown to help lower cholesterol levels.

5. Green Peas

green peas

Green peas contain both carbs and extremely high levels of zinc. This is important for many reasons. It is commonly known that zinc boosts the immune system, helping to fight off smaller infections. However, it has also been shown to use the same capabilities to reduce the risk of certain cancers. Additionally, zinc can increase strength and stamina due to its effect on your hormones. Leptin is another hormone that is influenced by zinc. Leptin is the hormone that queues your body to stop eating. So, increasing the amount of Leptin, as zinc does, could help to reduce your feelings of hunger.

6. Oatmeal


Oatmeal is packed with fiber. What is important about this is that half of the fiber in oatmeal is soluble fiber. What does this mean? Soluble fiber is what keeps food in the stomach and makes you feel full. Eating more soluble fiber is a natural way to encourage your body to eat less other foods. Soluble fiber has also been reported to reduce visceral fat, which is the fat deep in the belly. These reports are inconclusive, but it couldn’t hurt to eat more oatmeal until more data can be collected.

7. Popcorn


While popcorn is obviously not on the same level of healthiness as many of the other foods listed, it can actually be a great source of carbs as long as it is not full of butter and salt. Popcorn makes you feel fuller than chips or candy, so it is a great snack for the health-conscious people.

Add these super foods to your diet and see the difference yourself!

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