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Afraid of Contact Lenses? Here are Five Alternative Ideas to See Better

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Many people suffer from vision problems, but are afraid to try contact lenses. Deliberately putting a foreign object into the eyes violate some of our very basic instincts to protect them. At the same time, it is no fun having to squint or wear bulky glasses everywhere you go. Luckily, there are other options.


LASIK and other surgical corrections eliminate the need for glasses or contacts. LASIK is the most widely used vision correction technique, since it is a non-invasive surgery. This process uses a laser to reshape the cornea to correct refractive errors in your eyes. However, LASIK cannot correct all visual problems, and occasionally has severe side effects such as loss of visual acuity, and inability to drive at night.


A new type of surgical correction called Phakic IOL can correct vision even better than LASIK. Originally only offered as part of cataract surgery, IOL can now be done at any time. With Phakic IOL, a new lens that corrects the visual problems is inserted behind the cornea, near the natural lens. Unlike LASIK, Phakic IOL can easily be reversed if the patient doesn’t like the results.

Better Glasses

Eyeglasses today are better than ever. The days of “coke bottle” glasses are long gone. Even individuals with severe myopia can experience good vision with lightweight, cosmetically acceptable glasses. According to Crowfoot Vision Centre, prescription lenses can even be placed in sunglasses and sports goggles for extra convenience. It might be worth the extra cost to you to get your prescription placed in all your eyewear rather than switch out glasses for contacts just when you want to do something less stationary.

Extended Wear Contacts

Yes, they are contacts but they only have to be put in and removed once a month. The rest of the time these lenses can just be ignored. Most people who are afraid of contacts but irritated by glasses, find they can deal with the once-a-month lenses exchange. In between, they enjoy perfect, hassle-free vision 24/7.

Corneal Refractive Therapy

Corneal refractive therapy also, technically, uses contact lenses. Individuals who want to avoid the irritated, dry eyes they see so many contact lens wearers suffering from, may want to look into corneal refractive therapy. With this therapy, the lens is only worn during sleep. Yes, at night. A stiff gas permeable contact lens is applied at bedtime. It gently reshapes the cornea while you sleep. In the morning you remove it, and enjoy naturally clear vision all day.

Even if you’ve managed to live with your clunky glasses for years, why not give your local vision center a call to see if it’s time for a new Calgary eye exam and what other options they have available? New technology is changing our lives all the time and there’s no time like the present to make a new change.

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