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Go Bitter on Diet and Better on Health

Every taste in your diet has its own benefit. Your taste buds may ask for some specific tastes only but your body craves for more. The sense of taste is one amongst the five main senses gifted to every human being by god and this sense add some foods in your list of favorites but is it the right way to plan your diet? Can just taste be the criterion for your food selection? Can your taste bud rule your health? The answer is “NO”. You can love some typical tastes but these tastes can never be the only ones on your palate. The combination of tastes and colors would imbibe the nutrition and antioxidants in your body that are vital for its well-being.

When one talks about different tastes in the diet, the bitter taste is mostly ignored. The bitter taste is very rarely appreciated and if it is appreciated then it is solely because of the personal tastes and not because of its health properties but now it is very well proven that bitter taste is must for better health. The benefits of bitter are mentioned in the space below and the inclusion of this bitter food in your diet will change your health, life, and lifestyle for better. So why is bitter better?

Better Appetite

The poor appetite may lead to many health ailments. The summers are usually the cause of poor appetite as heat reduces the secretion of certain appetite enhancing juices in saliva. The bitter taste would stimulate the senses and may secrete more saliva which will result in secretion of other gastric juices. The entire process will improve the appetite by activating the gustatory nerves and aiding digestion.

Better Detoxification

The detox diets are gaining popularity but the bitter food would detoxify the body on daily basis. The juice of bitter gourd would cleanse your entire system and get you free of toxins through consistent detoxification. Your body will get free of toxins and hence would also get rid of many dangerous health conditions.

Better Heart and Brain

The food having bitter taste is relaxing and acts as stress buster. The elements of bitter food like caffeine and theobromine are the well-known stress busters. The person consuming the bitter food will stay relaxed for long and hence help the brain function better. This fact is also accepted by Chinese medical experts and they have also found the benefits of bitter on the heart as it reduces the heart burns and other heart related issues on regular consumption.

Better Sugar Fighter

The bitter taste has positive impact on the insulin levels of the body. The insulin secretion may increase considerably on taking bitter food on regular basis. The elevated insulin levels will cut down on the blood sugar levels and thus benefit a lot to those suffering from high blood sugar or diabetes.

Better Balance

Your body craves for all tastes and proper balance of sweet, sour, salty, pungent and bitter is necessary to secrete various enzymes and chemicals in the body for better functioning of all systems. The more of sweet and salty would affect the health negatively and hence the bitter becomes necessity for balancing the different tastes and its effects.

It is quite apparent from the points above that bitter is better as far as your health is concerned and hence get it on your palate for sure!

Carol is an online journal writer. She likes to write matters related to diet and weight loss, especially about Garcinia Cambogia weight loss, an extract from Garcinia Cambogia fruit that helps in reducing weight, burning unnecessary fat from the human body.

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