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Road Biking: Five Pieces of Equipment the Pros Recommend


If you are new to the world of cycling, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by all the gear choices you have to make. From the bike itself, to helmets, shoes and jerseys, the amount of gear that you need can sometimes feel endless. If you are feeling a little lost, here are five pieces of road cycling equipment that the pros recommend.


You will need to get good shoes that fit perfectly to ride well. Expect to pay somewhere in the range of $100 to $200 for a good pair of entry-level road cycling shoes. It is important to look for a lightweight pair and that is a perfect fit for both your foot and the bike. Make sure you go to a store to get sized and try on a pair of shoes before you buy them.

The Right Road Bike

Of course, the one essential piece of equipment you will need is a quality road bike. If you are new to cycling, you don’t need to go out and spend $10,000 on a pro bike. However, you will probably need to spend in the range of $1,500 to $2,000 for a decent one. The Specialized Tarmac Mid Compact and Bianchi Vertigo 105 are both good bikes with lightweight carbon fiber frames that can be had for less than $2,000. Pros from the Garmin-Sharp team use mostly Cerveio frame bikes. Online sales and share sites can also help to get you a good sturdy bike for cheap.


It is important that you wear a pair of goggles or quality sunglasses while riding. A good pair of glasses will protect your eyes from debris while you are riding, and they just may keep your from wiping out when a bug decides to dive bomb your eye. If you wear glasses, you should head to a Crowfoot vision centre to get a prescription pair of cycling sunglasses from your Calgary optometrist that fits your head snugly.


It is really insane to cycle without a helmet. Not only does it protect you when you crash, but a good helmet also will streamline your profile to make you more wind-resistant while riding. This year professional teams are going with the trendy conehead designs from Maraka which is made to be more aerodynamic. These types of models will also have adjustable vents to make such a thick helmet more breathable on hot days.


One of the first things you will learn while cycling is you have to wear the right clothing. If you just wear an old T-shirt, you will soon learn that chafing is a way of life. If you want to avoid chafing and feel comfortable, make sure to get a good cycling jersey with moisture-wicking capabilities and streamlined shape. Professional jerseys are easy to find, though a little expensive. Brands like Pearl Izumi are good for just starting out.

These are five of the most essential pieces of gear you will need to start cycling. Once you have this equipment, you will be will be ready to get underway. There is always more things you will want, but these five selections recommended by the pros will get you riding well.

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