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Hard Headed: What Your Migraines May Really be a Sign of

“It’s just a headache.” How many times have you heard that from a loved one or said it yourself? In trying to be stoic and avoid complaining, people often downplay their physical discomfort. Others may reduce dangerous symptoms to a mere sentence out of fear of having something diagnosed. It’s a common enough occurrence, and everyone’s had a headache, but there are times when that headache shouldn’t be ignored.

If your headache is disabling, creates a sensitivity to odor, light, or sound, or includes nausea and dizziness, then you’re dealing with a migraine. They are profoundly painful and tend to result in a person isolating themselves in a dark room in an attempt to reduce the chance of having anything exacerbate the migraine itself. On their own, migraines are extremely debilitating, but there’s also the possibility that they are symptoms of something else. Take a look and make sure your health is being handled in the best way.

Stroke Symptoms

One of the symptoms of a stroke is a sudden, severe headache with no apparent cause. While it may seem that all headaches are sudden and severe, the onset of an abrupt headache shouldn’t be dismissed. If there are additional symptoms such as: loss of balance, difficulty walking, trouble seeing from one or both eyes, weakness or numbness- especially on one side of the body- and sudden confusion, medical attention should be sought immediately. A stroke can be fatal and everyone knows the adage ‘better safe than sorry.’

Cancer Symptoms

Cancer is the diagnosis guaranteed to frighten anyone, and even with the large number of the populace currently fighting this disease, no one really thinks it will happen to them. According to a Calgary eye clinic, Dr. Bishop & Associates, migraines may be a sign your body is fighting something worse than sudden stress. There are other symptoms, such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting, which accompany a headache that is pointing to possible brain cancer. If headaches have suddenly appeared, and are a new type of headache for you, or become increasingly worse over a period of days or weeks, seeing a doctor is the best course of action.


Fortunately, cancer is one of the rarest diagnosis for severe migraines. This doesn’t change the fact that migraines can be a symptom of something that can be life-threatening. High blood pressure can be fatal due to the pressure it exerts on the walls of blood vessels. A sudden, severe headache can be a symptom of a ruptured aneurysm. Any inter-cranial bleeding is extremely dangerous and should be attended to immediately; if there are symptoms accompanying an abrupt headache, no one should ever feel hesitant about seeking medical help.

No one can tell a person what they’re physically feeling, so it’s really up to you to pay attention to the differences in your headaches. Additional symptoms are an immediate red flag that something is wrong, but even lacking nausea or dizziness, migraines can have a severely detrimental effect on daily life. Never feel afraid to seek out medical attention for headaches as even doctors say it may not just be a headache.

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