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How to Cure Cold Sore During the Summer?

Cold sores are fluid-filled blisters caused by Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1). This type of sore usually appears on lips, mouth, or nose area, leaving the skin red and swollen. The main triggers of this virus include fever, stress, sun exposure, weak immune system or any hormonal change.

Cold sore passes through several stages from tingling sensation on the affected area which then turns into fluid-filled blisters. Eventually, the blister bursts and the sore oozes leaving the area with a new skin.

Why cold sore occurs frequently in the summer?

HSV-1 virus once entered in your body can be activated at any point of time. Especially during the summer, one becomes more vulnerable to cold sore outbreaks. Extreme exposure to sunlight during summers provokes the outbreak of the virus to severe extent. Cracked and dry lips in the summer often become prone for the HSV-1 virus infection.

Here are some precautions and preventive measures that you need to take against Herpes Simplex virus outbreak during the summer time.

Treat your sore – Prevent it from growing

Cold sore spreads rapidly in the summer and so it needs to be treated instantly. Using some over-the-counter treatments on the affected area can help prevent the spreading of the sore. Besides over-the-counter medications there is an array of natural remedies as well. Some amount of precaution is also necessary, especially with respect to reducing exposure to sunlight.

a) Apply Creams

Make use of creams that heal those blisters and prevent them from growing further. Below are some relevant topical medications for cold sore.

– Ointments like Orajel and Carmex heal the sore.

– Petroleum jelly provides a protective barrier.

– Drying ointment dries your sore and heals quickly.

– Sunscreen protects your sore from the sun.

b) Natural remedy

In many cases cold sores are healed quickly through natural remedies. Here are some nice workable natural remedies to heal cold sores faster.

– Place ice cubes on sore at least 2-3 times a day.

– Use tea tree oil to treat your sore instantly.

– Try a few drops of vanilla extract and press gently.

– Place a tea bag that soothes cold sore.

Visit a specialist doctor if you are affected by Cold Sore too frequently

It is more likely that, HSV-1 virus enters your body and remains forever. It gets activated periodically. Especially in summers, there is a frequent recurrence of sore and blisters. What’s the real reason? It’s the extreme sun exposure in summers that bring on frequent outbreaks of cold sore. In case of frequent outbreaks you may need special attention and therapeutic care from a specialist doctor.

A specialist doctor can help you in the following ways to treat the disease and prevent recurring outbreaks.

– Prescription for anti-viral cream

– List of precautionary measures and immune boosting lifestyle habits

– Prescription for oral medication

– Cortisone injection

Stop spreading the sore. Be cautious!

Cold sore is spread rapidly and makes other members of the family and near ones vulnerable to the infection, especially in the summer. The HSV-1 infected patient needs to take the following precautionary measures, to avoid the spreading of the virus.

– Wash your hands frequently, especially after touching the sore.

– Avoid direct contact with others. Don’t kiss or get intimate with your beloved one as this could easily pass the virus.

– Don’t share your items with anyone. Items like eating utensils, drinking cups, glasses and your personal stuff should be kept away from others.

Avoid exposing your sore and prevent it from spreading!

Change Your Lifestyle!

Lifestyle has a great impact on cold sore outbreak. Especially, during the summer time you need to look after your eating habits. Check what you need to change in your lifestyle:

– Avoid acidic, salty and fried food that cause cold sore outbreak.

– Eat balanced and nutrient-rich foods.

– Do meditation and reduce your stress.

– Get plenty of sleep.

– Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.

Keep these 4 precautions in mind and stay away from those blisters in the summer. Combining some little precautions and medications you can cure your sore faster and prevent recurring outbreak.

Author Bio:

Brendon Buthello is an expert on alternative treatment and preventive measures for contagious ailments. Here, he writes about preventive measure for cold sore and how to treat such virus during the summer. This article helps you cure the outbreak of the virus that activates more in the summer. There are different cold sores remedies available to get relief from cold sores.

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