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Six Amazing Stretches That Will Be Your Ballerina’s Best Friend

If you are a dancer and you’re serious about your art, you need to push your body to it’s limits. Every day, you are going to put your body to the test. You need to become adept at many movements that will help you to extend your reach. Flexibility is key. Take advantage of six, amazing stretches that will help you to take your body and flexibility to the next level.

The Chest Stretch

For this stretch, you’ll need to lie on the floor and bend your knees. Your feet should be flat. Raise your arms so your hands are up by your head and your elbows are bent. Now slide your arms along the floor until they go above your head. If any part of your upper body lifts off of the floor, it’s time to stop and breathe through the stretch.

The Hip Flexor

You need to keep those hips open and flexible, especially in ballet. Kneel down on your right leg with your left leg bent behind you. Raise your arms straight over your head and keep your back straight. Lean forward on your right leg, keeping your back straight at all times. Alternate legs and remember to breathe through each side.

The Ankle Joint Stretch

As you rev up your stretching routine, engage in gentle, fluid movements during each stretch. A static stretch will not give you the most benefits. The ankle joint stretch is designed to improve your range of motion, and will help you to protect your ankles from injury. Begin by leaning on a chair with one leg straight and the other one elevated behind you while the knee is bent. Gently bend the straight leg, keeping your foot flat on the ground. Alternate legs. According to Ivein in Provo Utah, as you work your legs, you’ll promote good circulation. If you have any type of problems, such as varicose veins, a Utah varicose vein treatment center can help.

The Glute Stretch

Your glutes will be pushed through a major workout during every dance session. To warm them up, get on the floor with your hands and knees pressed flat. Cross your right leg over your left and allow it to rest on your calf. Don’t take your hands off the floor as you sit back on your left calf. Alternate legs.

The Hamstring Stretch

Lie down on the floor. Your hips need to stay on the floor as you gradually lift your left leg until it is pointing straight up at the ceiling. You should point your toes. You can hold your leg at the shin or knee for eight seconds and repeat. Gently pull your leg in while holding on to your knee for eight seconds. Alternate legs.

The Ab and Shoulder Stretch

Sit down on the floor in the butterfly position. Make your feet face each other and slowly bend your head to your feet. Sit up and make sure your back is contracted. Repeat several times.

Be sure to vary your stretches and address every part of your body. Make you’re your body is warmed up before you do any stretch. You want to prevent injury, allowing you to truly enjoy the art of dancing.

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