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Six Careers Every Health and Exercise Enthusiast Should Consider

As a fitness and health buff, you’ve probably spent your entire young life at the gym, exercising outside or participating in a variety of sports. Now the time has come for you to choose a career, but you don’t want to just sit at a desk all day filling out paperwork or typing on the computer. If it’s time for you to choose a career or you’re looking for a change in pace and want to stay in shape while working at the same time, the following six career paths are perfect for every health and exercise enthusiast:


Nutritionists help people by creating healthy meals that are catered to their particular medical condition or overall health situation. Some patients may be confined to a hospital or nursing home while others might just be seeking help to lose weight or want live a healthier life. In most cases, nutritionists must complete a bachelor’s degree with a healthcare concentration. Nutritionists can find work in hospitals, clinics, private practices and more.

Personal Trainer

If you spend hours in the gym at a time, you might as well work there as a personal trainer. Personal trainers help people get in shape by offering one-on-one or small class exercise sessions. They are normally employed by gyms and fitness centers, but many go into business for themselves and provide training for clients who’s professional lives depend on how fit they are. Personal trainers normally must complete an associate’s degree or certification program.

Geriatric Nurse

Geriatric nurses specialize in assisting with the treatment and care of the elderly. Most geriatric nurses work in a nursing home or rehabilitation center, or in a gerontology department at a hospital. If you enjoy working with the elderly to keep them fit and healthy, this could be a great job for you. Geriatric nurses must complete a nursing degree and become a certified nurse by taking the national board exam. Complete a master’s degree in aging to get the education and skills needed for a rewarding career as a geriatric nurse.

Physical Therapist

A physical therapist helps with the physical well being of their patients. They normally provide treatments for pain conditions, assist with the physical recovery from an injury, and prescribe treatments. Physical therapists must complete an accredited associate’s or bachelor’s program, and pass a national board exam before entering the work force.

Sports Coach

If you’ve played sports all your life, this career may be for you. You’ll be able to pass your passion on to many kids and make a positive impact on both their physical well-being and on their impressionable young minds at the same time. To pursue a career as a sports coach, you need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a similar field, and have at least some college or professional experience in the sport of your choice.

Lifestyle Coach

Helping people lead better and healthier lives doesn’t stop at the gym or in the kitchen. Many consumers need to make drastic changes to their lives, which means hiring a lifestyle coach to do so. A lifestyle coach manages the everyday lives of their clients by watching what they eat, what they do, how and when they exercise and how their environment impacts them emotionally. They will then create a plan to help them kick their bad habits and lead better lives. In most cases, lifestyle coaches only need to become certified by an accredited organizations. Many coaches choose to obtain an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in business to learn how to recruit clients and run their own company.

Regardless of which career path you choose, stay focused and complete your program. Many health and fitness students find that treating these programs like a workout or eating regiment makes it much easier to stay focused and achieve their goals.

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