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Fitness Goals: 6 Simple Ways to Take your Exercise Routine to the Next Level

After you have been working out for a while, you might be looking for a more definitive fitness goal than simply losing weight or increasing stamina. Most people start creating fitness goals for themselves when their normal routine begins to feel boring. The following include fitness goals to jumpstart your exercise routine:

Run A 5k, 10k Or Marathon

It doesn’t matter if you are a master runner or have never run in your life. There is always a new goal to set. If you have never run before, take it slow. Sign yourself up for a one mile fun run or if you are really ambitious, a 5k. There are several running plans to help you reach your goal. If you are a master runner, then keep setting those goals higher. If you can do a 10k without even breaking a sweat, then sign up for a half-marathon and start pushing yourself.

Master A Split

Flexibility is just as important to fitness as big muscles or endurance. Flexibility can keep you from becoming sore or getting injured. Take it slow and practice stretching daily. Push yourself, but not too far. Eventually you will actually be ablexercise routinese to do a full split. Stretching is a great recovery activity for days you need to skip the gym. Also make sure you are taking the right supplements and eating the right amount of protein to maximize your workout and recovery time.

Add Five Minutes To Your Workout

If you are just getting started or if you find yourself crunched for time to workout, then simply add on a few extra minutes. Getting up five minutes earlier in the morning is usually a pretty easy thing to do. You can also add an extra five minutes of walking at the end of a run. You’ll burn a few extra calories in the process. You can slowly add five more minutes of workout time each day or week, making it easier to increase your workout routine.


If you are tired of your usual treadmill or workout and aerobics classes aren’t your thing, then you should give swimming a try. Swimming is a fantastic low-impact workout that uses every muscle in your body and plenty of endurance. You’ll burn calories, but it’s not likely that you will wake up hurting as much as you do from running. You can even incorporate swimming into your regular workout by training for a triathlon.

Increase Your Reps

If you do weight training or pilates, then you know that it’s not always how heavy it is, but how many times you lift it. Use small increases to build up your muscles rather than plunging into heavier weights. More reps are just as effective and less likely to cause injury.

Don’t Forget Healthy Foods And Supplements

It’s important that you are eating right to make sure that your body is able to handle all the exercise you are doing. Taking additional vitamins and supplements can make up for the extra nutrients you need when working out. Legal steroids from SDI Labs can also help you reach your workout goals.

There is nothing more satisfying than reaching a goal. Breathe some life back into your fitness routine with these simple tips.

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