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Orthovisc as a Treatment for Osteoarthritis

There are many different diseases and conditions that are characteristic for certain periods of our life. Any way you look at it, those that are affecting elderly people are most malicious. This is not because these conditions are more severe than the others. It is simply because our body is no longer able to efficiently fight against various malicious diseases. Among many different problems that can endanger our well-being, arthritis is known as the most common one.


Every third person in America is suffering from some form of arthritis. Amongst hundred different manifestations of this condition, osteoarthritis is the most usual one. It affects our knees, wrists and hips. When osteoarthritis starts attacking our knees, it slowly eats away cartilage which serves as a protective layer between the bones. Without it, bones are exposed and after some time, they start rubbing against each other. This leads to enormous amounts of pain, inflammation, swelling and possible loss of flexibility.

Preventative Measures

Like any other disease, prevention is the best way of countering osteoarthritis. It is very important to discover symptoms of this disease on time because the condition is degenerative in nature meaning that it will only get worse after a while. If the person notices signs of arthritis, it is necessary to start with drugs such as Orthovisc, physical therapy, change in habits and increased use of vitamins and calcium. Even then, given the severity of this condition, there is no guarantee that the patient will get better. All we can do is hope to control the problem and prevent disability.

Who is the most at Risk

Osteoarthritis is common among people in their forties and above. From 40 to 45, males are the riskier group. From 45 and above, women take the lead. It is often connected with menopause. Scientists believe that it is caused by lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. However, people who are using their joints a lot, as well as professional athletes, are more likely to develop the illness. Increased body mass can be an issue because this means that the person will exert a lot of pressure on his/her knees.

Is Orthovisc the Answer?

Orthovisc is a drug recommended by many medical professionals. If you decide to buy Orthovisc from Medica Depot, there are claims that it can help relieve the pain, improve joint integrity and prevent destruction of cellular structure. The drug is injected into the knees and the treatment lasts for three weeks during which the patient needs to administer three shots. When the individual injects the medicine, a protective layer is created between the bones, effectively substituting for the loss of cartilage. Bear in mind that the drug itself will not be enough. The patient needs to completely change his/her habits, start eating properly and begin exercising lightly.

Orthovisc Side Effects

Common side effects of using Orthovisc usually include problems that appear due to irritation. Mild bruising, pain, itching, discomfort, inflammation, swelling, redness and heat are the things that bother many people. In case you notice severe side effects such as swelling of the face, tightness in the chest or difficulty breathing, contact your health care provider immediately.

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