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August 2015

Spot reduction

Spot Reduction – Myth or Holy Grail of Fat Reduction

This article is a guest-post and as such, does not necessarily reflect the views of Since the era of bodybuilding began, one myth stands taller than any other. It is the myth of spot reduction, which states that it…

workout tips

Perfect Lifting Routines to Add to Your Weight Loss Plan

You have probably heard it said that weight training builds strong muscle and can help keep your metabolism at an elevated rate for energy use about an hour after you have completed your workout. This is called the after burn…


Good Eats: Natural Ways to Improve Digestion

Proper digestion is important for our bodies to receive essential vitamins and nutrients needed for good health. When our digestive system isn’t functioning correctly, this can lead to many health problems including: chronic fatigue syndrome, skin conditions, and even mental…