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Spot Reduction – Myth or Holy Grail of Fat Reduction

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Since the era of bodybuilding began, one myth stands taller than any other. It is the myth of spot reduction, which states that it is possible to reduce fat from a particular spot on your body. There have been a lot of stories and scientific research busting this myth over and over again, and yet somehow it still lives. The reason for this is the hope that someone someday will find a way to prove this myth to be possible. Has that day arrived?

Cause of fat-gain

The most important thing is finding out the cause of the fat-gain. Usually, what follows is a proper diet with prescribed exercises that should not be skipped. For the hips and shoulders, it is essential to control the body sugar level by adding a few more meals to your diet and also reducing the daily carbohydrates. Restricting the caffeine and sugar is good for controlling the cortisol level, and this affects the lower abdominal fat. These dietary recommendations are good for improving overall life quality, so don’t worry after you start applying these rules.


Supplementation is also the key to a successful spot reduction. Herbal medicine is good for removing fat stacked around the lower back, controlling the insulin with corosolic acid and fish oil is good for removing fat in the shoulder blades and hips, while indol-3-carbinol is prescribed to those with fat around their thighs. Final piece of the puzzle is the prescription of proper exercises, and you are all set to do some on-the-spot fat burning.

Charles Poliquin’s method

With technological advances, human brain has learned to view things from a different prospective. And so, instead of proving that myth doesn’t work by doing the exercises, a certain famous individual named Charles Poliquin ventured deeper into the problem of spot reduction. The results he gathered were outstanding, and they led to the development of Biosignature program. By using this program, one can easily get rid of all the fat on his thighs, triceps, lower belly  and all the other places which are usually the ones we can’t modify with simple exercises. The Biosignature program is based on the principle of spotting the reduction. The reason most people have problems with stubborn fat is usually related to the biochemistry of their bodies (hormones in particular). Everyone knows the true power of steroids, and how they can turn men into hulks in no time. Well, these hormones that are used to build up muscles are usually the ones that cause unwanted fat stores in your back, hips and legs. This is where the Biosignature program steps in. It all starts with a simple measuring of body fat, and although there are many ways to do it (underwater weighing, electrical impedance), the most accurate way of doing it is by using skin calipers, for they can determine the exact amount of fat in a particular are of the body (chin, cheek, pectoral region, triceps, umbilical, supra iliac, subscapular area, mid axillary, quadriceps, calf, knee and hamstrings). The crucial thing is to identify which area of the body has the most fat. Some folks have fat in only one or two specific areas of their body, while others may have it in several. An individual is already familiar with his problematic body part, and after doing an examination with the skin calipers, the next thing is usually creating a diet and a set of activities, in addition to adding supplements to your diet which will deal with the problem and solve it.

Basically, what influences the appearance of fat is usually related to a person’s are age, sex and hormones. It is suggested to contact a professional coach before proceeding with the exercises, and once the area has been located and the exercises assigned, the spot reduction myth will finally become true.

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